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Sealander, la caravana-yate

2014 Sealander Caravan and Yacht

MSRP: Price Basic Version: $15,120 Euros = $17,502 USD
Price Standard Version: $16,800 Euros = $19,447 USD

The Sealander is a unique combination of trailer and amphibious vehicle. It is a caravan and yacht in one. High quality and aesthetics of boat-building are combined with the flexibility of a mobile home. It is dynamic and modern. The Sealander is an innovative lightweight mobile vehicle that is primarily a custom-made caravan but, with the help of a few handles and an outboard engine (any 5 PS long-shaft outboard engine will do) it turns into an amphibious vehicle. The best part is you don’t need any special license to operate the Sealander. Just slide it into the water and go fishing, swimming or whatever your heart desires. There are several features that will make your sailing even more enjoyable – a convertible sunroof, a telescopic element that can be used as a swim ladder, and a stainless steel handrail to ensure safe boarding.


The sleek and lovely interior combines modern stainless steel and plastic with leather and traditional wood to create a unique design that mirrors that uniqueness of this trailer. The custom capability is all yours with a ton of options. You have the flexibility to choose materials and colors and combine them in any way that you want. Your imagination is your only limitation.


The Benches convert from generous seating (up to 6 adults) and dining to a spacious bed. The Sealander Caravan has storage below the seats and can even be customized to include a toilet, a cooler, a sound system or even a barbecue. Other features include a stainless steel wash and cooking module with cover plate, a single flame gas cooker, a tap with water pump, a 10-litre-fresh-water tank and a 10-litre-waste water tank, as well as a gas case and a fire extinguisher. With a closed sunroof, the Sealander is now your safe haven from wind and weather. Be it out on the water, or on dry land.


The Sealander is made of a one-piece hull formed of plastic; stability with a view. The picture windows open you to the world of changing land and seascapes. The materials are finished with the finest details, stitching, and precision. Endurance and beauty. Each Sealander is unique. You choose the colors and materials and their boat-builders and engineers will make the Sealander you want. Upholstery, sound, lights, color…you have the choice. Prices and packages vary based on the custom designs you choose.


The Sealander is developed and built in Germany. Sealander incorporates state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for both the boat-builing and car-body construction, with traditional craftsmanship’s precision and love of detail. The fiberglass-reinforced plastic mats are fused manually into a seamless whole fro the chassis and interior. More fiberglass-reinforced plastic and stainless steel give this unique design stability and form. Only the highest quality components are used. Every Sealander chassis is sealed with a gel coat for a flawless, gleaming surface that defies wind, weather and the elements. The Sealander meets all required safety standards for a land and a water vehicle world-wide.


Interior Features:

Interior construction of GFRP moulded
components (pure white RAL 9010)
Lockers, cabinet doors and panels of
lightweight plywood panels
(AW 100 glued)
With sliced veneer out of real wood
(Sapele) painted with lipping

Optional Equipment:

Standard/Basic Enhancements:

Curtain Set – Full set of custom-made curtains for front
and side windows, Textile with anthracite gray lead tape
(lightfast and opaque), Incl. Curtain rods made of
aluminum and stainless steel, and mounting
Pad set – Fully equipped with cushions Synthetic leather (cream beige
or anthracite gray) with decorative stitching4 seat cushion
and 2 back rest with wood reinforcement for lying surface
Table – Table top made of lightweight wood worktop (AW 100 glued) with
real wood veneer knife cut, Painted with lipping, With
detachable clamps, table leg and mount (removable)
Electronics Package – Board battery GEL 12V/80Ah mounted with battery
box and strap, Harness board electronics mounted with
connectors, Panel mounted with cigarette lighter socket and
fuse, Additional 12V cigarette lighter socket in the
cupboard (for cooler), Interior lighting 2 LED strips 360 cm
(RGB) including the remote controls and installation, Including
complete installation on-board electronics
Comfort Enhancements:

Cooking Module – Two flame stainless steel gas cooker with glass
cover plate, Gas container and hose connection to the cooking
module and gas leakage valve outside, Gas examination certification,
Wash Module – Stainless steel sink with class cover plate, Tap with water pump,
10 l fresh water tank and 10 l waste water tank, Hoses and wiring
water and electronics
Cooler Package – Cigarette lighter (12 V) in the cupboard, Mounting device and
belts in the cupboard, Compressor cooler (different models) prices
and consulting on request
Audio Package – Marine-Radio with USB, AUX, Bluetooth and iPod compatible, Remote
control, 2 Marine-Outdoor speakers 120W FUSION MS-FR4021
Shore Power – 230 V connection on the outside, Adapter cable from CEE to 230 V,
2 pcs 230V sockets in the interior, Voltage converter and charger
for the board battery, 2 Automatic fuses 10Ah
Additional Lighting – 2 LED spots on the front over both sideboards (adjustable
with flip switch)
Design Enhancements:

Color Interior GFRP Components (RAL)
Interior Wood Elements (real wood veneer painted with edge strips)
in Oak, Maple, Cherry, Ash-tree,Teak
HPL Decorative Coating Edge Strips (various designs)
Convertible Top Exterior Individual
Convertible Top Interior Individual
Color Cushion (pleather) Individual
Color Curtains Individual
Additional Enhancements:

camping gas bottle 1,8 Kg
Board toilet (mobile fresh water toilet) with mounting device and belts
in the cockpit storage locker
Exterior Features:

Hull monocoque shell in reinforced
fiberglass laminate (pure
white to RAL 9010)
Double base with inspection hatches
Waterproof chassis (fully Zn galvanized
with hubs encased in oil)
13 inch steel rims with 185/55 tires and
decorative screen
Vehicle illumination (LED, waterproof)
and Trailer socket (13 pole)
Hatch with panel of tinted acrylic glass
and gas cylinders
Two tinted panorama acrylic glass
Convertible folding top made
of polyester, fiberglass reinforced
(280 x 120 cm) with zipper
Entry and swim ladder with stainless
steel support function
Handrails and stainless steel fittings
Rubbing strake all round made of plastic
and stainless steel
Motor apparatus of stainless steel and
PE at the rear (for motorization
to 8 PS)
Hydraulic pillar (bracing behind)
Approval and acceptance as an unbraked
caravan and pleasure craft (TÜV, CE)

Optional Equipment:

Color body-shell chassis gFrp(raL)
Aluminum Alloy Rims (15 Zoll) with low profile
tire (different models) Depending
on the Model
Fly screen with push buttons with convertible top
Tarpaulin (complete vehicle lining for protection
against weather)
Appliance for a grill (stainless steel frame)
2 mooring lines (10 m each)
Plate anchor 8 kg with 30 m rode
2 fender with ropes
4 pad eye for fastening for fender (stainless
steel incl. assembly)
Anchor light (modular all round light for overnight
stay on the water
SPECS for 2014 Sealander Caravan and Yacht:

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (kgs) 550
Maximum Load on the Water (kgs) 410
Unloaded Vehicle Weight (kgs) 485
Exterior Overall Length 406 cm
Exterior Length of Superstructure 372 cm
Exterior Width 168 cm
Exterior Height 189 cm
Interior Width 156 cm
Interior Length 200 cm


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