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campeonato del mundo ultratriatlon hungrìa 2010

7,6km swim ( 230laps X33m swimming pool)
X360km bike ( 42km from Gunaras to Bonyhád+127 laps X2,5km circuit)
x 84,4km run ( 970 metres long X 87 laps in circuit)

Competition announcement

Double Ultra Triathlon World Championship

Date: 24th to 27th June 2010

Locations: Bonyhád and Dombóvár-Gunaras Bath (Hungary)

Organiser: Easy Star Sport Club, Bonyhád (Hungary)

1st day: 24th June 2010, Thursday

Programs for the competitors:

9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Dope test in the hospital of Bonyhád, obligatory for all the competitors. The test results will be delivered by the evening.

1:00 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Competitors interested in track inspection are requested to come to the competition centre.

5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

IUTA greeting

Technical guidance

Registration, distribution of starting numbers and chips, presentation of medical certificates, arrangement for accomodation

This is the time for the competitors to take up their team tents.

6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Preparation of bicycles and their loading into the lorry. Please provide your bicycle with starting number before loading. For security reasons, please adhere to the time specified. The lorry will be guarded by security guards.

From 7:00 p.m.

Pasta-party for the competitors and max. 3 helpers for each competitor. Vegetarian menu will also be available. Meal will be offered to the competitors and their helpers during the pasta-party only. Naturally, refreshments will be available for the competitors in course of the competition. In addition, the catering unit in the competition centre will continuously be available during the event.

2nd day: 25th June 2010 (Friday)

From 7:00 a.m.: Getting together in the competition centre

7:30 p.m.: The competitors, their relatives and helpers leave for Dombóvár by bus.

8:30 a.m. to 9:15 a.m.: Check-in beside the pool, at the umpires. The bicycles will be stored after their technical revision.

9:15 a.m: Opening ceremony, introducing the competitors to the public and the media

10:00 a.m.: START - beginning of the competition

Swimming: 7,600 metres (pool length 230 times)

Location of swimming: Dombóvár Gunaras Bath, sport pool. Pool length: 33 metres, 8 lanes. Expected water temperature: 23 to 25 ºC. No more than 4 persons may simultaneously swim in the same lane. If more than 32 competitors enter for the race, the race will be started twice.

AT THE TIME OF PRE-ENTERING, PLEASE INDICATE YOUR PREDICTED SWIMMING TIME AND TOTAL TIME. This is important for the allocation of the lanes. The number of pool-lengths performed will be counted by the umpires. Refreshing and massage facility during swimming will be available beside the pool. Depot for bicycles will be established within 30 metres from the pool. The relatives and helpers of those competitors who finished swimming will be transported to the competition centre in Bonyhád every half an hour. To put the chip on before cycling is obligtory for all the competitors.

Time limit for swimming: 4 hours

Cycling distance: 360 km: 42 km from Gunaras to Bonyhád, plus 127 laps on the 2.5 km long circular cycling racecourse in Bonyhád

Having finished the swimming race, the competitors will cycle from Dombóvár to Bonyhád (distance: 42 km). Two refreshing points (at Bikal and Szászvár) will be available on this 42 km long route. Each competitor will have a helper riding on motorcycle who will be taking care of him/her. The 42 km long route is hard, with a lot of curves and uphill sections, requiring extensive experience. This route will not be blocked from general traffic but priority for the cyclists will be guaranteed at the most important crossings. The faults on the road will conspicuously be marked. The racecourse will be introduced before the technical guidance, and can be visualised on the Google map on our homepage. Passing the START/FINISH gate, the cyclists will begin running the 127 laps (2.5 km per lap).

4 to 6 umpires will continually be inspecting the racecourse. Drafting is forbidden! In case of breaching this rule, as first warning, the umpire will hand over a yellow card to the competitor, as second warning, (s)he will order the competitor off, and in case of third warning the competitor will definitively be excluded from the race.

Cycling time limit: 20 hours.

Running: 84.4 km

The running will take place on a 970 metres long (alltogether 87 laps) track assigned in the Fáy András residential area. The running area will be separated from the public with cordon or ribbon. The track for running will be illuminated by night. Refreshing facilities will be available in the competition centre or beside the team tents. Permanent medical assistance and massage will be ensured to the competitors in the competition centre. Voluntary helpers will be assigned to those competitors who indicate such request on their entry forms. The moderator of the competion speaks English. Introduction and track inspection will take place prior to the technical guidance and the racecourse can be visualised on the Google map on our homepage.

Running time limit: 12 hours

Expiry of competition: 26th June, 10 p.m.

4th day: 27th June 2010, Sunday

11:00 a.m.

Award ceremony

Closing speech told by the principal patrons

Occasion for making interviews will be granted to newspersons (press, radio, television etc.).

We ask competitors coming from oversea to indicate their estimated time of arrival and departure along with flight numbers on the entry form. Transfer from the airport to the location of the competition and vice versa will be granted to the competitors.

Conditions for entry:

- Candidates should hold international ultra triathlon license

- Competitors are obliged to obey the IUTA rules

- Competitors are allowed to take part in the competition on their own responsibility only. The organisers assume no responsibility for any injury or accident.

- We ask competitors to bring round their national flags and anthems.

- The rules are in correspondence with the statutes of the IUTA. The participants may request help from the physician or sport masseur at any time. The participants may interrupt the course of their participation at any time. If such interruption takes more than 30 minutes, the participant concerned is obliged to inform the umpires about it. Failing to do so may result exclusion. If advised by the physician on duty, the competitor may be suggested not to continue his/her participation.

- Please fill out all details on the entry form, without forgetting about your need for accomodation

- Please submit your registration/entry form up to 1st June 2010, using the link on http://www.ultraironhungary.com

- Entry fee: EUR 250 per capita (if transferred up to 31st January 2010), or EUR 300 per capita (if transferred after this date) Please transfer your registration fee to the following bank account:

Name: Easy Star SE

Address: 7150 Bonyhád, Nádasdi u. 2.

Swift code: TAKBHUHB

Account number: HU77 7180 0013 1111 6776 0000 0000

Name of bank: Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank Rt.

Address of bank: 1122 Budapest, Pethényi köz 10.

Accomodation options:

- Site for tent or parking for trailer near the competition centre, in the guarded yard of the school, free of charge. Please indicate your need for electricity on your entry form.

- Student hostel (Petőfi Sándor Lutheran Secondary Grammar School), EUR 10 per person per night

- Boarding house Koller, EUR 25 per person per night, breakfast included

- Hotel Rittinger, EUR 30 per person per night, breakfast included


Amount of money to be awarded to the competitors arriving to the finish:

Absolute places Men Women

1st place EUR 800 EUR 500

2nd place EUR 600 EUR 300

3rd place EUR 400 EUR 200

Also champion for Hungary will be inaugurated in the course of the World Cup in 2010.

Each competitor arriving to the finish will be offered a polo with logo, a medal, a diploma and souvenirs.


English speaking contact person:

Ms. Bernadett ECKERT (Betti)

Phone: +36-70/6322-532.

E-mail: englishcontact@ultraironhungary.com

Competition manager:


Tel: +36-20/3973-933

E-mail: racedirector@ultraironhungary.com

Address: EASY STAR SE 7150 Bonyhád, Nádasdi utca 2.

Project managere:

Mr. Zsolt TAMÁS

Tel: +36-20/227-2711

E-mail: projectmanager@ultraironhungary.com

Web: http://www.ultraironhungary.com

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