viernes, noviembre 13, 2009

segunda etapa ruta conquistadores

NOV 12 : STAGE 2 - ETAPA 2

NOV 12 - STAGE 2
Stage 2 - La Ruta de Los Conquistadores

One of La Ruta’s strongest ascents was ridden today nearly one and a half kilometers after the start of the stage, a wall that took riders from 800 meters up to 1400 meters above sea level within 8 kilometers.

Top racers showed their world-class level making the first ascent seem like a ride in the park although several elite riders paid the price of a rapid pace and a grueling push to the top. Such was the case of Ben Sonntag when at a mere 100 meters from reaching the top of the mountain his chain sunk within the depths of his rear cassette.

Paolo Montoya from team Giant-Italy who was near the scene as a spectator (due to recent injury), mentioned that Ben held a top-five position when the chain got jammed in the cassette. He lost over twenty minutes and more than half an entire participant list, yet he managed to make it into 10th position.

0245 DEIBER ESQUIVEL Open 03:45:27
0158 MANUEL PRADO Open 03:45:58
0152 MARC TRAITER Open 03:46:02
0238 MILTON RAMOS Open 03:51:09
0077 HEINZ ZOERWEG Master B 40 -49 03:51:35
0135 JEREMIAH BISHOP Open 03:51:35
0136 ALEX GRANT Open 03:51:35
0142 ROBERTO HERAS Open 03:51:35
0141 BENJAMIN BOSTROM Master A 30 - 39 03:53:05
0200 JUAN IGNACIO MENDEZ Open 04:08:17

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