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carrera en bici dentro de casa !


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BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL New York 2012 - Vienna 2011/ Altbau Rad Kriterium from muchar on Vimeo.

BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL New York 2012 - Vienna 2011/ Altbau Rad Kriterium

Days are getting shorter, temperatures outside are falling – and rising inside, when another indoor bicycle race takes place.

In spring 2010 a young bike enthusiast gave birth to the indoor cycling challenge "Altbaukriterium" when testing a discarded racing bicycle after he glued a tubular for the first time onto the rearwheel of a racebike. Since it rained, he cycled through the rooms of the apartment. One month later the first Altbaukriterium took place.


The rules are simple: There is just one person on the definded track. The race consists of two heats, each about two minutes, and the riders try to do as many turns as possible. Touching walls or the ground results in a one lap penalty for each contact. The winner gets a crate of beer and the tubular tire of the first hour as challenge cup .

After plenty of indoor races in Graz, London and Vienna the list of past venues doesn't show only flats but also art galleries, youth centers, garages, underground parkings, a veterinary clinic, bars, restaurants and other unusual places. A main issue and motivation of the organizers is to show how much fun cycling is – irrespective of your kind of bike or track and the challenge of riding it under different conditions.

On 26 October 2013 the 19th Altbaukriterium takes place in Graz, this time at the Cultural Center Niesenberger. More info and photos about past and upcoming contests: http://altbauradkriterium.com


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