domingo, octubre 13, 2013

Red bull rampage ,winner kyle strait, lacondeguy 4º

Red Bull Rampage 2013 Results
1. Kyle Strait 87.50
2. Kelly McGarry 86.75
3. Cam Zink 84.75
4. Andreu Lacondeguy 84.25
5. Tyler McCaul 80.50
6. Pierre Edouard Ferry 76.50
7. Cam McCaul 75.75
8. Brendan Fairclough 75.50

Best Trick: Cam Zink
People's Choice: Kelly McGarry

video 4h !

kyle strait winner
Kelly McGarry 2º Back flip the 24 m long canyon gap .-.-.-.-.


lacondeguy video Andreu Lacondeguy, 4º en el Red Bull Rampage 14/10/13por Trickon| El rider catalán de Red Bull se quedó a las puertas del podio (por solo medio puntito) de uno de los mejores -si no el mejor- eventos de MTB del mundo, el Red Bull Rampage 2013 que se celebra anualmente en Virgin, Utah (Estados Unidos). Una primera ronda espectacular de Andreu Lacondeguy (recordamos que solo se puntuó la primera porque la segunda no se pudo disputar por el fuerte viento; y si hubiera contado, quizás estaríamos hablando de otra posición) en la que se marcó dos backflips le colocó en primer lugar con 84.25, pero luego le superaron hasta 3 riders. Cam Zink, que quedó tercero con 84.75 y una ronda con un backflip de casi 24 metros que le valió el Best Trick. Kelly McGarry, que se hizo con al segunda posición tras una ronda con backflip de 22 metros y un corked-out flip muy alto. Y Kyle Strait, primero tras una ronda arriesgada, rápida, buena, sin fallos y un técnico no-hander cayendo por encima de los 21 metros. .-.-..-.-.-

Andreu Lacondeguy's reputation as a wild man is well deserved, stemming from his unquenchable drive to push his bike and his body to the absolute limit. On Thurday, when riders migrated to the old Rampage site to session a hip jump, Lacondeguy was once again boosting as high as possible, and shaking off crashes that would crush the average rider. Andreu's fourth place finish from last year, which he earned with a blistering fast run from the top of the ridge and a drop off the Oakley Sender, means that he is prequalified and won't need to compete until Sunday's big show. This year Lacondeguy will once again be riding an aluminum framed YT Industries Tues 2.0 with 208mm of travel. YT Industries Tues 2.0 • Rear wheel travel: 208mm / 8.2" • Wheel size: 26" • Head angle: 63.5° • Adjustable dropouts, 425-435mm chainstay length • Aluminum frame Suspension: Up front, Lacondeguy is running a Marzocchi 888 RC3 with 200mm of travel. The coil sprung fork has adjustable preload, rebound, high speed and low speed compression damping. Interestingly, he is running a different suspension brand in the rear of the Tues 2.0, with a BOS Stoy Rare helping to keep the rear end under control as it goes through its 208mm of travel. The coil sprung Stoy has adjustable rebound, high speed and low speed compression damping. Drivetrain: Lacondeguy's drivetrain is fairly standard on a bike of this caliber, a setup that consists of carbon Truvativ X0 cranks with a 36t chain ring and a 10 speed cassette. A SRAM X0 rear derailleur takes care of the shifting, and an e*13 LG1 handles chain retention. Components: A Renthal Fatbar and direct mount stem create the bike's cockpit, with a pair of Avid's X0 Trail brakes help the flying Spaniard control his speed should he decides to use them, and a set of Sensus lock-on grips. Mavic's Deemax wheels are shod with Continental's meaty Kaiser tires. Other components include a pair of well worn DMR Vault pedals and an SDG I Beam seat and post. Plus, there's a Unit sticker with a scantily clad woman on it for that extra bit of good luck mojo.

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