lunes, marzo 21, 2011

graffiti 2d-3d

Beatty Street Mural - Vancouver Public Art 2.4 from Streetbox Videolab on Vimeo.

Peeta is a graffiti artist from Venice - Italy since 1993. He is member of the EAD crew (Padova-Italy), FX and RWK crew (NYC).
Right now Peeta is located in Venice Italy
In this website you can see the most recent Peeta's walls but also his canvases and sculptures.

About Peeta

I use to write Peeta since 1993. I've started to paint in a little town between Venice and Padova (Italy) by my self, without any reference. As i growed up I've started to move in Padova and Venice, I met many other graffiti writers, they gave me insight, and my style during the years evolves quikly from a kind of organic style to 3D style. Since 2000 i am a member of the EAD crew from Padova, this crew was born in 1991, it's a crew with breakers, writers and music. Since 1999, I've started to travel around Europe, and I've been invited in many shows exibitions and mostly to graffiti jams and meetings, like the Meeting of Styles. Since 2003 I am a member of the FX crew from New York City, this is a really oldschool crew since the 80's. During the last years I've been travelling to US and Mexico, and from 2006 i am a member of the RWK crew from New York. In the last six years I use to paint on canvas, and to do sculptures. Sculpting and painting, but also the photography are, in my opinion, disciplines who helps each other. Everytime i make a sculpture i recive a lot of knowledge about 3D space and shapes, that's help me to paint in a better way. And while i'm painting i develop new ideas for new sculptures. It's a kind of circle.

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