sábado, abril 30, 2011

kestrel y sastre/ Speedfil Hydration System

In the Wind Tunnel with Carlos Sastre and Kestrel
Carlos Sastre joined Kestrel in the wind tunnel in Milan last week. The photos show Carlos making small adjustments to the position of his saddle and aerobar extension. After his time in the wind tunnel Carlos Sastre rested his legs and gazed upon his gorgeous new Kestrel 4000. He also took some time to talk “aero” with David Anker, Fuji-Kestrel team liaison. Carlos loves his 4000, the way it handles, and gives him confidence in tough courses. A true connoisseur of bikes and their every detail.


Speedfil Hydration System


Aerodynamic – Wind tunnel developed

Easily refillable on the fly

40oz. + fluid capacity (1.2 liters)

Frame Mounted to optimize handling and minimize drag

Exclusive dual splash resistant design

Hands free drinking

Bite valve holds fluid at the ready

Less weight and clutter than multiple bottles

Available in Down Tube & Seat Tube mount configurations

The Speedfil Hydration System is a revolutionary cycling product designed to enhance athlete hydration and aerodynamics. The wind tunnel developed, frame mounted system, smoothes airflow around the frame while the rider is in motion. The rider is able to maintain an aerodynamic position all the while drinking up to 40 ounces (1.3 liters) of fluid. Hydration is immediate as a bite valve and tubing keep fluid at the ready for whenever it is needed. Other unique features of the Speedfil include user ability to refill the system on-the-fly, which minimizes the need for additional bottles, as well as a unique dual splash resistant opening that allows for rapid refills with minimal fluid splashing.

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