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Xlab wings

Wind Tunnel Testing using the revolutionary laminar flow Slipstream Jersey


What is the Sonic Wing? Cervelo™ Specific Alloy Rear Hydration Carrier. You know those mysterious two holes in a Cervelo™ seatpost? Well, this Carrier will fit in there, a nice tight fit. Is compatible with the Cervelo™ P2Cs, P3Cs and P4Cs. Consider also the Carbon Sonic for Xlab's carbon version.

Why the Sonic Wing? Don't buy other Cervelo™ specific rear hydration carriers. Why? For all the reasons you will read about below. Plus, don't forget our business is the Hydration and Storage business and nothing else. Trust the professionals that are dedicated to your Hydration and Storage needs. Our carriers are Wind Tunnel Proven and owned by World Champions. They are proven to be the most aerodynamic and versatile in the market today...period.

• Lightest Alloy Available Chassis: 64g +/- 1g
• Chassis w/ Straps: 73g +/- 1g
• Chassis w/ Hardware: 90g +/- 1g
• Chassis w/ Hardware & Straps: 99g +/- 1g
• Bi-Position Can be inverted for a lower position on the saddle, or keep it upright for a low drag higher position.

Custom Fit Has 30 different positions available, so that you can have a custom fit position that is both comfortable and aerodynamic. 3 different carrier angles and 5 different bottle angles for each position.

Compatible: Saddle compatible

Because the carrier fits on the seat post we have not discovered any seats that you cannot use including the long Fizik, ISM, SMP, Selle Italia, Selle San Marco, Terry and others.

Fastest: When installed in the high position, air flows cleanly around the aero seat post. The narrow 5/8" Sonic with open back for air to exit, can save 13 seconds per kilometer in the high position.

Choose from a selection of colours for a custom look to the bike.

• CNC Machined from US Aircraft Grade Structural Alloy
• Has Clearance for Fizik Saddles
• AntiSway Design: Compact, Dual Stabilizers, Energy Saving.
• Easy Installation.
• Warranty 2 Years Warranty
• Includes 1 Pair X-Straps
• 2 Anti-Drag Discs - Covers spare hole in seatpost for a more aerodynamic ride

*Please note: Sonic Wing Rear mount – Gorilla cages, tire bags and C02 all optional extras Optional extras are not included and must be purchased separately.

XLab Sonic Wing Rear Mount System De €53.09



XLab Carbon Sonic Rear Mount System
157 grs 103,16 €+ 6 € sent to Spain

After the successful and very popular Sonic Wing, many triathletes and dealers asked when we were going to bring out a Carbon version?

We were already working on it but we wanted it to be the very best in the World.

By the World’s best we mean the lightest, the most positions, the most customizable with options, best engineered and tested, and of course the fastest!

“You won’t want to be seen without it. Because without it you won’t be seen”

World’s Most Versatile

The Carbon Sonic has a choice of 3 different angles when attaching to the seat post. The cages have a forward lowest drag position which sets the bottles close to the seat, or a position 1inch (25mm) further back for triathletes that like to sit off the back of the saddle when climbing.

There also a variety of bottle cage angles. To add to the fun, you can even invert the carrier for a further 15 positions if you like.

The Carbon Sonic comes complete with it’s own CO2 and Inflator holder, known as the Sonic Nut.

Compatible: Saddle Compatible

Because the carrier fits on the seat post we have not discovered any seats that you cannot use including the long Fizik, ISM, SMP, Selle Italia, Selle San Marco, Terry and others.

Lightest: World’s lightest

• The chassis only weighs a miniscule 49 grams. It is made of aircraft grade High Modulus Carbon Fiber.
• The screws for the bottle cages and the mounting screws to attach to the seat post are all Titanium.
• We only use 6AL-4V grade 5 Titanium as it has a tremendous Tensile Strength of 130 Ksi.
• The Carbon Sonic weighs in at 28 grams lighter than the alloy Sonic Wing.

Fastest: World’s fastest

Located in the position XLab has determined over a period of 16 years of testing in the Wind Tunnel and by Pros to be the fastest, you can rest assured you have the fastest 48oz Hydration and Storage system on the planet….and don’t forget XLab has been on the winning bike for 13 of the last 16 Ironman distance World Championships!

Warranty 2 Years Warranty

Because of our engineering in this product we give it a 2 Years Warranty to the original owner.

*Please note: Carbon Sonic Rear mount – Gorilla cages, Mini tire bag, strobe and C02 inflators all optional extras. Optional extras are not included and must be purchased separately.

*Please note: Only compatible with the Cervelo P2C’s, P3C’s and the P4C’s.


XLab Carbon Wing Rear Mount System De €117.98

• Multi World Champion Winner!!
• Save up to 13 secs/40km.
• Lightest Durable System available
• 3 Mounting Positions. Self Draining
• Patented Inside storage/Mini bag area

Introduction Our Hydration and Repair carriers have often been copied, but like any copy, it is never as good as the original. With over a decade of experience designing these carriers and winning more Ironman Distance World Championships than all our competitors combined, we have launched the first of the next generation of Xlab Hydration Carriers. Already endorsed by Michelie Jones, the 2007 Ford Ironman Distance World Champion, this new ‘wing’ will be on winning race rockets for the next several years.

Rear carriers should not interfere with the air on the rider’s back, but instead fill in the turbulence ‘hole’ behind the riders posterior, thereby reducing the rider’s drag (which accounts for 64% of energy used on a racing bicycle).

Xlab Carbon Wing is designed for 7mm metal saddle rails only.

Storage We wanted the next generation of carriers to solve the problem of storing keys, cell phones, cash, tire levers, and other essential items. These and other items can be stored in the Xlab Mini Top Bag which drops vertically and easily into the rear ‘luggage compartment’ and is secured by the top X-Strap. (Not included)

Hydration With the new Carbon Wing you can use a single bottle cage on the rear or one on each side. These cages have no restrictive protrusion where the bottle enters the cage, instead the bottles are held in place with 4 proprietary X-Grip teeth between the two mounting screws.

Adjustable Mounting One of the key features invented by Xlab is the dual mounting holes for the saddle rail clamps. One position sets the bottle cages close to vertical and the other inclines the cages for rider preference. Because of it's past success, we have kept the same feature in the Xlab Carbon Wing for customizing the installation.

Lightweight We use the latest carbon fibre composite with a special lay-up and resins to provide the toughest carbon carrier on the market with no twisting like other carbon hydration carriers. Without hardware the Xlab Carbon Wing weighs only 55 grams.

*Please note: Carbon Wing Rear mount – Gorilla cages, tire bags and CO2 inflators all optional extras. Optional extras are not included and must be purchased separately.


XLab Gorilla Rear Cage De €47.18


XLab Sonic Nut Inflation Holder De €15.32

An excellent way to hold your Xlab CO2 cartridges and Xlab Nanoflator or Speed Chuck. Attaches to the rear of the Xlab Sonic Wing and Turbo Wing systems. Makes inflating tires a snap during training rides or out on the race course. Holds up to two Xlab CO2 cartridges. Made in the USA. Mounting Hardware and Assembly Instructions included.

Inflation Kit ready for speedy repairs Holds 2 CO2s and Inflator Permits more room in bags Stores items in an aerodynamic position


XLab X-Straps for Carbon Wings €11.78



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