viernes, marzo 12, 2010

air protection bike transport, helium /decathlon

The unique bicycle travel case equiped with air protection

THE HELIUM BIKE CASE was created for globetrotters who travel with their bicycles on airplanes, trains or buses. Traveling with a bicycle has never been this simple: the Helium is light and easy to carry and its revolutionary inflatable padding offers unrivaled protection. Thanks to its minimal dimensions, it fits easily in the trunk of even the smallest cars (width of 100 cm). Every small detail has been looked into: the Helium bike case has special compartments for an extra wheelset and also for stowing you helmet, shoes and other essentials (pump, spare tubes, etc.) Developed with the input of pro cyclists, whose lives involve frequent air travel with bikes, The Helium is simply the best bike case on the market today. The Helium case is light, offers unsurpassed protections against impacts and allows you to pack your bike with only minor disassembly and without changing the adjustment of its components.

With progressive ideas, we developed a bike case offering superior function, simplicity and performance.Price usa 599 $

Para guardar bici B'TWIN Funda trolley

Funda trolley
( Cód : 8023171 )

Para proteger y transportar fácilmente una bicicleta gracias a las ruedecillas. Los refuerzos rígidos permiten protegerla de los golpes.

las ruedas van separadas de la bici por unos compartimentos bastante sencillos, mientras que el manillar y la tija del sillín habrían de ir desmontados sólo dependiendo de las medidas de tu bici: si no son grandes podrían ir sin demontarse.

Por otra parte, la horquilla va cogida a un mecanismo similar al de las bacas que utilizan los coches de los equipos de ciclismo, la base es rígida y los laterales van muy bien acolchados.

Precio 170,00 € IVA inc.
funda de bici

Concebido para proteger y transportar una bicicleta. 69,90 €

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