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crc dh california and spain

CRC/ Intense Racing from jeff steber on Vimeo.

Matti and Ruaridh on the Elsinore DH track whilst they were out in California a few weeks ago. They were testing prototype bikes that only the CRC team will use and test through out the 2010 season and there is no current plan for production.


Pre-Season Testing // Spain
Sunday, 21 February 2010 08:52

I’ve just arrived in Benalmadena near Malaga for the next two weeks to get some testing on an our new prototype frame which is the 3rd generation M6 frame after the last 2 years of racing and some final tweaking of geometry, slight suspension and travel modifications that we feel will be perfect for the current World Cup race tracks. These are the bikes that the team shall be using for our world cup assault this year.
I’ve never been here before and after a crappy few months with the UK’s weather I was really looking forward to getting away!

After arriving at our villa with its sea views I couldn’t wait to see what the tracks had to offer. I wasn’t disappointment that’s for sure our first day we rode a trail called Benalmadena or Race Track 1 as we called it, which is famous for its nice step up and rocky sections. From the top of this mountain it offered some great views over looking the towns and sea below.

Over the next two weeks we shall be riding a load more tracks, playing with dials and testing out shocks but so far the Intense frame and 2010 Marzocchi suspension feel very comfortable especially at high speed on the rocky stuff, that’s pretty much it for now. Matt



another jeff´s video

CRC-INTENSE MSA from jeff steber on Vimeo.

Filmed at Mnt. St. Anne World Cup round 6 2009

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