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cape epic etapa 7 van 1º hermida -houts ganan sauser-kulhavy

Start: Stellenbosch Finish: Lourensford Wine Estate Distance: 54km Climbing: 1550m

km 24 de 54

1.-Multivan Merida 1:03.34,5 Jose Hermida Rudi Van Houts
2.-Burry Stander - SONGO +0,9 Christoph Sauser Jaroslav Kulhavy
3.-Cannondale Factory Racing +2,1 Marco Aurelio Fontana Manuel Fumic
4.-SCOTT Factory Racing +3,4 Philip Buys Matthys Beukes
5.-Scott-Swisspower MTB-Ra... +12,5 Nino Schurter Florian Vogel

etapa 7

1.1.Multivan Merida 2:22.20,2 Jose Hermida Rudi Van Houts
2.2.SCOTT Factory Racing +1,1 Philip Buys Matthys Beukes
3.3.Scott-Swisspower MTB-Ra... +3.43,4 Nino Schurter Florian Vogel
4.4.Burry Stander - SONGO +4.58,7 Christoph Sauser Jaroslav Kulhavy
5.5.Cannondale Factory Racing +5.27,2 Marco Aurelio Fontana Manuel Fumic


1.1.Burry Stander - SONGO 29:40.44,9 Christoph Sauser Jaroslav Kulhavy
2.2.Bulls +7.10,4 Karl Platt Urs Huber
3.3.Bulls 2 +26.51,0 Thomas Dietsch Tim Boehme
4.4.Multivan Merida +39.10,1 Jose Hermida Rudi Van Houts
5.5.Cannondale Factory Racing +1:06.24,9 Marco Aurelio Fontana Manuel Fumic

inscribete para 2014


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Who will win the 2013 Absa Cape Epic?
Christoph Sauser & Jaroslav Kulhavy
Nino Schurter & Florian Vogel
Karl Platt & Urs Huber
Jose Hermida & Rudi van Houts
Marco Fontana & Manuel Fumic
Alban Lakata & Robert Mennen

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2013 Race Dates: 17 - 24 March 2013
2014 Race Dates: 23 - 30 March 2014
2015 Race Dates: 22 - 29 March 2015
2014 Early Bird Entries Open: 25 March
2014 Lottery Opens: 25 March (closes 30 May 2013)

2014 Entry Fee: R45, 900 per team
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Most of the entries for the Absa Cape Epic are available through the lottery or the early entry guaranteed slots. Professional and national level riders and celebrity athletes can apply for a wildcard entry. If you wish to support one of our official charities you can buy a charity entry (Big Tree Foundation or JAG Foundation).

A limited number of early entry guaranteed slots for the following year’s race are sold on a first come first served basis the day after the 2013 Absa Cape Epic race. These entries open at 15:00 (GMT +2) Monday, 25 March 2013 through a link on the homepage. The full entry fee must be paid immediately by credit card online or EFT (proof of payment must be faxed by 9am on 26 March) in order to secure your guaranteed entry. Please have your passport or ID number on you!

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The lottery application process closes on 30 May 2013.
After 4 June applicants will be randomly selected to enter the race.
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Charity Entries

Since the very first edition of the race, the Absa Cape Epic has sought to leave a lasting positive impact on not only the lives of riders who participate in the event but also on the towns and villages that the race passes through. In keeping with this proud tradition of giving back to the communities the Absa Cape Epic has nominated two official charities to partner the race in presenting a variety of programs.

Each year our official partner charities are allocated a number of reserved race entries which they sell at an increased fee. The charity pays the Absa Cape Epic the normal entry fee and the additional funds belong to the charity.

Charity entry fee purchases qualify for tax deductions.

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Step 1 - Decide which official charity you wish to support.
Big Tree Foundation
JAG Foundation

Step 2 - Contact your preferred charity that you wish to support.

Step 3 - Pay your charity entry fee to the chosen charity organisation.
Once the charity confirms that your were successful in acquiring one of their allocated charity entries you will be required to pay the full charity fee into the bank account they provide you with.

Step 4 - Accept your entry and complete the online registration.
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Only unsuccessful lottery applicants can register on the waiting list. Registration for the waiting list closes on 30 June.
After this date the position on the waiting list will be decided by means of a draw, the position is not determined on a first come first served basis.
Applicants can check their position on the waiting list in their rider zone after 30 June.
Waitlisted applicants that secure an alternate means of entry (charity entry, partner invitation, rider change etc) will automatically be removed from the waiting list.
Waitlisted applicants who are invited to enter the race, have 14 days to take up their invitation and pay the full team registration fee. If the registration process is not completed within 14 days, the position on the waiting list will be forfeited.
Waiting list positions are non-transferable.


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Stand up at night in a great valley and looking to the sky seeing the stars shining and taking care about the sleep of us riders, everybody on the same field. Or waking up at 5AM when it's still dark, make breakfast with your team under this small tend beside the camper and just after a little while see the dawn of the sun. There are a lot of amazing moments. I like to remember the night set up of my backpack. Tube with milk inside, kit for fix flat, multitools, emergency bars, small piece of tube, chain fixer, true link, and then finally you can put your number. Well when the back pack is ready you can sleep way better. Sure also helmet, shoes, jersey, baggy, but the one you put your number on is always the most important. I had 9-1 cause it's a 2 riders team adventure and I had the pleasure and the honor to do it with my big friend Manuel Fumic, 9-2. I had also my name on it, Marco Aurelio, the Italian flag and the logo NEWBIE. Every morning the start of the stage was at 7AM and on the first mountain there was always the incredible power of the sun which is going up and shine the peloton, doing it being close and low. That's an Epic moment cause when you're inside the race you have such a great picture in your eyes, emotional I have to admit. Every day a different track, every day a different problem, every day the same music: two nobby wheels that rides together with you in a great adventure. I remember I've seen a few pics and videos of the past editions before leaving for RSA but until you're not inside the competition you can't understand really what does it mean. Cause in this trip you have to make it happen alone in the wild nature, on way different terrain, on a marked course to follow but on top of that to be interpreted, you have to ride for km and km and when you come to the finish line you're tired but happy, feeling satisfaction, proud of your self and your team mate. I just want to make a quick window: we as Cannondale Factory Racing went to the Epic for a proper training camp to make the best aerobic base for the coming XCO season, our Big Goal, and I can tell you that this makes a huge difference. We properly ENJOYED the event, sure also having tough days but without the stress to come here and go for the overall. We had our nice speed up, we've been pretty cover in the flat section and we flew down like nobody else always doing the plan we had and thanks to our clean and smart ride we ended up 5th Overall having on top 2 podium spots. Now I feel stronger then before and I'm so looking forward the coming XCO season to bring up the condition and comes to May race ready for the first World Cup. I sure have to say thanks to CFR for the great opportunities, Cannondale and Omnico for support on site as well as Oakley SA and Red Bull RSA so last but not least Mio Navigation to have kept my heart under control during 700km of rough stuff. I leave you with a personal thought on this Event which can be share or not: Cape Epic is a real Mountain Bike race, not a Marathon, not a Cross Country, not anything else, but something for true rider, a challange to our self, one of these things that shows what you can actually do on a bike. And to proof that I'm not the only one with this thought I just write you a phrase of our forever mate Burry which I found on the very last page of the Epic book: "If a guy comes to me and says he's done an Epic, or two or three, he's immediately part of the club. That guy is a real mountain biker, you know he can suffer. You know there's so much behind the statement. It's the race that measures all" Burry Stander fm@

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