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etapa 6, ganan y lìderes sauser-kulhavy, hermida -houts 4º general

“Rudi ha pasado una mala noche por problemas estomacales. Mi compañero iba bien de piernas pero se sentía vacío, por lo que era absurdo dejarse la vida en la etapa de hoy. Hemos aguantado con el grupo delantero parte de la etapa, pero hemos decidido aflojar un poco y pasar el día sin castigarnos al límite”, comenta Hermida.

Aun así, el dúo del Multivan-Merida ha llegado en séptima posición y afianza su 4ª plaza en la general. “Estamos muy contentos. Es una buena posición tras las etapas que llevamos y los problemas mecánicos que hemos sufrido. Además, estamos teniendo un nivel muy regular todos los días”, explica el corredor catalán.Referente a la última etapa, José explica que “va a ser muy rápida, ya que son sólo 55 kms. Queda claro que la general está decidida, pero aún queda una victoria parcial por disputar”.

stage 6
CatGCTeamTimeRider 1Rider 2
1.1.Burry Stander - SONGO 4:30.17,0 Christoph Sauser Jaroslav Kulhavy
2.2.Bulls +2.37,9 Karl Platt Urs Huber
3.3.Bulls 2 +5.27,4 Thomas Dietsch Tim Boehme
4.4.SCOTT Factory Racing +6.25,4 Philip Buys Matthys Beukes
5.5.Bulls 3 +6.42,7 Stefan Sahm Simon Stiebjahn
6.6.Superior-Brentjens +11.07,8 Hans Becking Jiri Novak
7.7.Multivan Merida +11.08,8 Jose Hermida Rudi Van Houts
8.8.Cannondale Factory Racing +11.53,0 Marco Aurelio Fontana Manuel Fumic

1.1.Burry Stander - SONGO 27:13.26,0 Christoph Sauser Jaroslav Kulhavy
2.2.Bulls +6.21,2 Karl Platt Urs Huber
3.3.Bulls 2 +26.01,7 Thomas Dietsch Tim Boehme
4.4.Multivan Merida +44.08,8 Jose Hermida Rudi Van Houts
5.5.Cannondale Factory Racing +1:05.56,4 Marco Aurelio Fontana Manuel Fumic

photos stage 6


Burry Stander Trophy Unveiled

The Burry Stander Memorial Trophy was shown for the first time to Absa Cape Epic riders at the Prologue (17 March 2013) of this year’s Absa Cape Epic. Burry Stander, who died tragically in a collision with a taxi whilst training on 3 January 2013, would have ridden the 2013 event as the reigning champion. Created by Angus Taylor, the trophy will honour the first and to date only South African winner. It will be awarded to the overall winner of the Absa African Jersey. The African Jersey was introduced in 2007 and awarded to the leading African riders in the race.

Burry’s wife, Cherise Stander says: “This race was incredibly important to our family. Last year when I was racing abroad, Burry phoned me immediately after crossing the finish line each day. Mandie, Burry’s mom, was the first person to congratulate him in 2011 when he won for the first time as the first South African winner. Charles, his dad, has ridden the race twice. The Absa Cape Epic gave Burry a chance to perform on the international stage in his home country. Four of us are riding this year in honour of Burry and we’re doing great. I’m so honoured that Angus was inspired by Burry’s legacy to create such a meaningful trophy.”

The Burry Stander Memorial Trophy

Leading South African sculptor, Angus Taylor, adds: “It’s an honour to be part of this tribute to Burry. The trophy was inspired by a chiwara, which is a styled wood carved antelope used in African ceremonies, similar to a white dove in Western tradition. Shown running on a simplistic base, predominately South African materials were used including haematite found in Thabazimbi and Matumi wood, which is only found in rivers. Thabazimbi means mountain of steal. To me it represents the mountains that the Absa Cape Epic riders must cross during their journey.”

Cherise Stander will personally hand the Burry Stander Memorial Trophy to the winners at the Grand Finale on Sunday, 24 March 2013.

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