sábado, abril 27, 2013

bicis que saltan , con alforjas y mochila con intermitentes seil bag

Se vende bicicleta hibrida diseñada para viajes de cicloturismo, completamente equipada

bicicleta : SPECIALYZED
modelo : Sirrus
cuadro : aluminio A1
descarrilador : shimano acera
cambio trasero : shimano alivio
cassete: 9 velocidades shimano hc40
frenos: shimano acera
ruedas : alexrhims As -14
llantas : specilyzed sirrus ARMADILLO
flybar: aluminio Scott
alforjas delanteras : bicicolsas
alforjas traseras : topeak
alforja de manubrio : topeak
gps: garmin 301
ciclo computador : shiva 301
2 porta anforas
pedales de aluminio shimano para calas

precio : 1,500 u.s. dol.




For Alvarez, IRONMAN Number 93 Will Have to Wait
While in Germany on a business trip last week, Mexican triathlete Luis Alvarez was hospitalized with severe back pain due to a herniated disk. As of Wednesday, his health had stabilized and he flew home to Mexico. Alvarez is now weighing his options for treatment, but in all likelihood he will be facing surgery.
Alvarez, 50, has competed in 92 IRONMAN races. He was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the only man to have competed in every single IRONMAN race on the circuit. The CEO of global aluminum manufacturing company Sag-Mecasa is a regular participant in the IRONMAN Executive Challenge (Ironman XC) and had already secured a qualifying spot for this year’s World Championships. Alvarez’s 93rd race, originally scheduled for three weeks in Lanzarote, will have to wait.
As word got out, the Team Timex member received several hundreds of well wishes from the triathlon community. “It never ceases to amaze me the capacity that we have to help. We are a big family,” Alvarez told us just before flying home. No doubt Alvarez will tackle his medical issues like he does his races: with determination and a smile. Get well soon, Luis!



Total Women’s Cycling is seeking an Advertising Executive to join their London office. Responsibilities will include developing relationships with female specific brands, creating rapport and building the portfolios of existing clients within the female cycling market.

Applicants must be eager and able to learn in a fast-paced, challenging environment. Candidates should be able to demonstrate a keen interest in cycling and previous sales experience is a must

To apply please send your CV and cover letter to jobs@factorymedia.com



SEIL Bag (Safe Aproveite Interact Light) de Lee Myung Su.
SEIL (Safe Aproveite Interact Light) es una mochila para ciclistas que incorpora luces LED en su parte trasera al estilo chasis trasero del coche. SEIL Bag está diseñada para enseñar señales de dirección de tránsito (derecha, izquierda) como también señales de emergencia y otras como STOP (Parar). Estas señales pueden ser activadas fácilmente desde un mando inalámbrico extraíble, lo que permitirá que el ciclista esté atento del tráfico y en total control del manubrio sin tener que usar sus manos para indicar la dirección al conductor de atrás.


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