sábado, abril 20, 2013

cargo bikes

This Cargo Bike is a very strong CargoBike Tricycle, which is considered as a Bicycle in all respects of the law, it is unique in its kind. This bicycle has 3 wheels, and can carry loads up to 200 kg (with front motorcycle wheels) and can be customized for a variety of uses.
This is the Mechanical Basis on which to configure a variety of settings. Just watching it, you can understand that it is almost indestructible.

This Tricycle can be the ideal Partner for Parcel Deliveries at home in historic centres, where cars cannot enter, but can also be very useful to the family for shopping or for transport children .
We are working on the CARGO BIKE SYSTEM Project, to create a combined Working bicycles/Tricycles/accessories suitable to transport small goods in a sustainable way in Historical centres.

A new cargo Bike model that can help the City-Logistics is the WAGON BIKE, Long cargo bike designed to carry parcels. The Wagon Bike can be housed on couriers's trucks or vans . Once on the brink of No Traffic Area it can be downloaded from the van and used to complete deliveries in the "last mile".

It's simple to use and can bring important Loads.


Cargo bike with 2 or 3 wheels is the only SIMPLE and ECONOMICAL SOLUTION to the problem of Transport in Small Historic centers and in the traffic banned Area(TBA).
Work bikes can also circulate in Areas with Only Pedestrian Zone.
We have 8 different Models available, and the largest can upload up to 300 Kg.

Thanks to the gears, are lightweight to use on pedal even on light climbs, but there is also the version with pedal assistance in overcoming very steep climbs even at full load, without making the slightest effort. You can provide special batteries that allow autonomy of over 30 Miles.

There are already many people and companies that are adopting these, because thanks to this velociped with 3 wheels, you can get unimaginable Savings in terms of time, cost of ownership, easy of parking, no need to purchase Eco Pass and a strong return in terms of image of environmental respect. Also their very Retro line makes them an excellent advertising tool.

Also the Bike Messenger, which are those who make deliveries of parcels and packages at home, have started to use them.


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