viernes, diciembre 19, 2014

Peleboard paddleboard a pie/ Shelter rock refugio de roca / DefenDoor sistema de seguridad

PeleBoard takes a stride toward leg-powered paddleboarding


Shelter rock
The shelter is built from wood and encased in a concrete shell that's broken only by a single window, skylight, and door. Antoine is reasonably well kitted-out, and contains a wood burner, plus some basic fold-down panels that serve as table, bed, and seating. There's no toilet though, and you'd want to be careful when venturing outside to take care of business, as Bureau A reports that the shelter is installed in a very precarious spot.

The project was created to host visiting artists and built by hand in a nearby mountain village. The video below shows it being transported to location by truck.


DefenDoor keeps an eye on your house when you're not home

DefenDoor is the universal home-security system that connects to your smartphone to make protecting your home or office easier than ever. Imagine having the convenience of a butler, organization of a secretary, and protection of a security guard, rolled into one easy-to-install monitoring system.

It consists of one DefenDoor that acts as a camera, doorbell, and alarm system. It can be used individually, inside or outside, or with Glate’s vibration and motion sensors. Each DefenDoor device sends alerts to your smartphone within seconds of recognition, whether that be photos, voice messages, or live video feed.
Here’s how DefenDoor works:

DefenDoor easily attaches to any surface and offers around-the-clock surveillance as well as alerts and chimes when suspicious activity occurs. It’s a totally wireless, waterproof monitoring solution that can be used inside and outside.

When a visitor approaches the DefenDoor unit, the device snaps a picture of the scene and sends this snapshot straight to the homeowner’s smartphone. You can then decide whether to accept a one-way video chat with the visitor, ignore the alert, or send the visitor a pre-recorded message letting them know you’re unavailable to meet with them.
The motion sensor allows the camera to turn itself on and off at appropriate times. When the motion sensor detects movement, it will activate the camera’s functions immediately, and also alert your phone.

The vibration sensor can be placed on windows, doors, and objects in or around the home. These sensors alert the homeowner via smartphone if they are being moved or tampered with.

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