jueves, diciembre 11, 2014

trekkayak(mochila inflable)/ Pyro fireshooter lanza bolas de fuego / Evelo -omni wheel bici con rueda electrica /QU-BD print 3d de menos de 200 US$

Trekkayak inflatable catamaran backpacks to distant waters
The Trekkayak weighs 6.6 lb (3 kg) and packs down to a size of about 19.7 x 13.8 in (500 x 350 mm), sliding into the accompanying dry sack. The dry sack doubles as the inflation mechanism, blowing the vessel into its 9.8 x 3-ft (3 x 1-m, L x W) form within a few minutes. The boat can carry up to 485 lb (220 kg), with the 6.6-ft-long (2-m) seat providing enough room for one or two, depending upon their size and the amount of gear.

Great ball of fire , Pyro Fireshooter is available now, retailing at US$174



Evelo Omni Wheel turns almost any bike into an electric bike

The Omni Wheel's battery size can be increased from 8.7 Ah to 14.5 Ah though, giving an increased range of up to 40 mi (64 km). The batteries take up to four and nine hours to charge respectively and the larger of the two can push the price to $1,499 (currently $1,299 on pre-order) depending on the battery and wheel size (26-in or 28-in) that is required.



World's cheapest 3D printer
home 3D printer for under $200


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