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litelok nuevo antirobo ligero y resistente para bici

Amazing moment up to 100 people lift double decker bus off trapped unicyclist
100 personas levantan autobùs para liberar a un ciclista atrapado. El ciclista està grave
This is the amazing moment around 100 commuters came to a trapped unicyclist's aid, lifting a double decker bus off him after a collision in east London.
The victim, who has not been named, was taken to hospital in a serious condition following the smash during rush hour yesterday.
The incredible footage shows dozens of people crowding round after the man was hit by the number 212 bus on Hoe Street, Walthamstow, just before 6pm.



Barron and his team have created a composite strap called Boaflexicore – a multilayer material that can withstand an attack from cable cutters, bolt croppers and saws.

Litelok® creator Prof Neil Barron is a designer with an aerospace engineering background and for him researching and using strong, lightweight materials has always been a primary focus.

Weighing under 1 Kg (2.2 lbs), Litelok® is significantly lighter than every other secure bike lock currently on the market. Of course there are light weight cable locks out there but they can be cut in seconds.


There’s currently nothing on the market that offers the flexibility and security of Litelok®. This flexibility means it’s easier to secure around a much wider array of fixed objects such as tree trunks, lamp posts, concrete posts, fencing, railings, sign posts than D or U locks.

Litelok® is so strong it can withstand sustained attack from all of the tools commonly used by bike thieves such as cable cutters, bolt croppers, hacksaws, jacks and hammers.

This is due to the composite nature of the Boaflexicore® strap and virtually indestructible hardened steel alloy lock housing. The strap includes multiple innovative lightweight materials, each of which provides a different and additional layer of security against the various tools and the lock cylinder and mechanism is well protected by the innovative lock casing design.

Litelok® meets all British and International lock quality standards and in-house testing has proven that it takes well over five minutes to cut or break the strap and lock. This exceeds the highest level of security rating awarded by the independent testing and certification houses for security products.

It also allows the lock to be attached easily to both your bike and your backpack.

click to lock
Litelok® has been designed and engineered to simply click closed without the need for a key, making it faster and easier to secure. A key is only used to unlock your bike.

The patent pending in-line lock has been developed with a well-known UK lock manufacturer and has been tested and trialled to ensure it is the most reliable and secure lock possible.

easy to carry

Litelok® is easy to carry - we supply two wrap straps with each Litelok® so you can attach them wherever you like on your bike. We suggest attaching it securely to your bike frame as shown in our film, but you may have a rack or brackets already fitted so it's up to you.

twin locks
Our innovative in-line lock allows us to offer Litelok® in twin-lock format - ie a multi-pack of two Liteloks which operate from the same unique key.

You can use the two Liteloks together (in parallel or on separate wheels) for extra security, or joined together (in series) for extra length.

You may even want to have a pair of locks for your children, or one for you and your partner or one for your urban commuter bike and one for your weekend ride, all that can be opened with the same key.

LITELOK® £80.00 ( 112 €)
Twin LITELOK® £155.00 (217 €)



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