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Quadriatlon ibiza 2015 ganò Teichert / Fire + Ice Ultra 250 km islandia

German double win at Ibizia
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The first Quadrathlon of the 2015 season began with a high point, the European Middle distance championships. The island of Ibizia is where Quadrathlon started. The island showed its beauty with sun and super course and perfect water.

The swim course was a two lap affair which saw the world sprint champion Albert Corominas immediately take the lead. He exited the water with a 80second lead from his fellow competitors Enrique Peces (ESP) Laurant Martinou (FRA) and Danny Hallmen (SWE) and Stefan Teichert (GER).

On the bike the chase group caught the Spaniard quickly. Martinou took the lead. Then suddenly a bike defect happened, the front wheel jammed of Peces and he hit the road. It was sad to see the favorit lose the race in this way. Luckily there were no more accidents on the course, which should have been closed. Although just before the start of the race, the police decided that it was not possible to have a closed road circuit.

The kayak course saw the ironman champion, but new to kayak athlete Martinou start the kayak first. Over the two lap course it did not take long before Teichert (GER) use his strength and take the lead. Corominas found some of his old form and fought to hold the German in sight. Danny Hallmen the world record holder for 24 hour paddling on a kayak ergo excited the water in 3rd.

Now the run in the heat of the day on a tough trial run saw Stefan Teichert extended his lead as he immediately saw that Corominas could not hold the pace that he set. He gradually slipped back in the field and finished a disappointed 12th place. The French ironman champion showed his strength with an amazing run. Eight minutes faster than anybody else. Teichert held on to his lead to take the first title of the year. Martinou second and the ever improving Swede Hallmen third.

By the ladies race the Heidelbergerin Lisa Hirschfelder defended her title that she won last year. Her performance was superb from start to finish. Second place was taken by the Spaniard Ruth Varona. Third was taken by the Masters athlete who knows her Quadrathlon better than most ladies - Ellen Mielke (GER).

In the finish area the thoughts where for Peces, who returned to his Hotel with broken teeth and with a brused body. Hopefully he will be back for the WM long distance in Hannover as will Teichert, Martinou and Hallmen. It should be a great race with the likes of Leos Rousavy and the come back from Thoralf Berg the old champion.

by Peter Moysey


Pos Dorsal Nom i Llinatges Club/Pais Temps Oficial Pos Cat Pos Natació Vel Pos Canoa Pos Carrera Vel

1 0 18 Stefan Teichert Sv Nikar / Wsc Heidelberg 1 M30 2:43:27 2 17:41 0:27:41 0:47:18 3 1:10:48 33,9 km/h 3 2 4:44 m/km
2 0 13 Martinou Laurent Usmt 2 M30 2:44:20 6 17:45 0:38:23 0:39:52 1 1:08:21 35,1 km/h 16 1 3:59 m/km
3 0 10 Danny Hallmén Örebro Kanotförening 3 M30 2:51:00 5 17:45 0:26:27 0:49:14 9 1:17:36 30,9 km/h 2 5 4:55 m/km
12 0 86 Hirschfelder Lisa 2 Sv Nikar / Wsc Heidelberg 1 F30 3:10:47 10 20:16 0:32:54 0:59:58 10 1:17:41 30,9 km/h 6 22 6:00 m/km
Gracias por su participación. La fecha para el próximo año es el 07.05.2016.

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