domingo, mayo 17, 2015

Maciza ! ( Tannus es una rueda !)


Tannus Musai 1.1 (64,99€)

Rueda de bicicleta sin aire antipinchazo
Las TANNUS son ideales para bicicletas de carretera, triatlón y para fixed.
Ya no tendrás que llevar pesos encima ni recambios, ni herramientas, ni bombas de inflado! Sencillamente coger la bicicleta y disfrutar los más de 6.000 Km de garantía que tienes! Gracias a su reducida superficie de rodadura y su nueva textura, aportan unas prestaciones ideales para rodar a gran velocidad. Su peso es de 380 gr.
En la gama 1.0 existían 2 durezas distintas, las SOFT y las HARD, pero con el nuevo material Aither 1.1 ahora existe una única versión: las REGULAR. Las REGULAR son un compuesto más comfortable que las antiguas HARD pero a la vez más rápidas.

Musai 64,99 €

Úsalo con tu llanta actual
No tienes porqué cambiar la llanta por el hecho de montar tus Tannus. Se adapta a todo tipo de llantas gracias a nuestro desarrollado sistema de bloqueo por Pin. Puedes usar tus cubiertas Tannus en tu bici de forma fácil y segura.
Ruedas sin aire, ruedas sin pinchazos

Los neumáticos Tannus no llevan cámara de aire. Es una cubierta hecha a base de una mezcla de polímeros con la más alta y novedosa tecnología. No existe el aire en las cubiertas de bicicleta Tannus, por lo tanto no hay posibilidad de pinchar los neumáticos.


Tannus Tyres are like no other bicycle tire on the planet. Being solid, a Tannus Tyre can withstand everything that would normally stop you flat with a pneumatic tire, nails, glass, sharp metal objects, and thorns are no longer your enemy. The patented Aither technology that makes up 100% of our solid tire is a scientifically engineered super material, that whilst being extremely resistant to wear and the environment, it still provides comfort, minimises rolling resistance, and provides unprecidented safety.

Made from a very special Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin “Aither”, Tannus tire uses a foaming technology. And, it may look similar to that used in many lightweight sports shoes, but it is totally different from any other foaming technology both in terms of its process or the condition. It is made from the one-and-only material “Aithercompound” with a very unique foaming process.


Aither compound has a very strong independence, and is extremely durable against any chemical attack from the outside. Thus, the products never get hydrolyzed, aged, degraded, nor do they show any color fading.

Aither1.1 has much enhanced elasticity than Aither1.0, ensuring a better feel whilst riding and good grip performance. Furthermore, Aither1.1 is performing at a much lower rolling resistance –approximately 15% less. It now has the rolling resistance rate that closely matches premium pneumatic city bike tires, taking this a step closer to ideal bike tire.

We are very excited to introduce Tannus TIRE!
Tannus TIRE is a Korean company which makes tires that never go flat so that all cyclists enjoy safer rides, and strives for technological development to relieve any inconvenience related to tire puncture.

Applied with cutting edge polymer technology, Tannus TIRE never goes flat and be made with diverse and clear colors. It is distinctly different from any of the anti-puncture tires of the past and is secured with great driving function, comfort, lightness, safety and durability. The various colors are another result of the use of the advanced materials, and you are able to enjoy the choice of colors that is in contrast with the existing unclear colors of rubber tires.

The goal of Tannus TIRE is to make changes to the world from a small aspect. In order to do this we are continuously challenging for technological innovation with great passion, and are moving ahead step by step. We believe that when small changes of the world gather as one, there would be significant progresses to the whole humanity and the environment we live in.

Thank you - Tannus TIRE executives and staff members

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