martes, agosto 11, 2015

la vuelta 2015 , estarà el podio de paris froome, nairo y valverde

bh robada de marietta de alicante


Ellos también desearon poder guardar su coche en la mochila. Pero han creado algo mejor.

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Hola a tod@s. F.Alonso adivina el circuito con solo escuchar el sonido de su monoplaza. Un saludo a tod@s y disfrutad de las vacaciones. (M.G)

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Destination Trail - Spain
Welcome to Destination Trail, a series that follows riders as they travel the globe, hunting for its greatest trails. Some of what they find might be renowned, some undiscovered, but that's the point. When expectations and attitudes are stripped away, only the essence of mountain biking remains. This is where adventure thrives, and it's here that memories are made.

In this episode, we follow Curtis Keene and Darren Berrecloth as they take their new Stumpjumper FSRs to Ainsa, Spain to ride Zona Zero. More than just a place, Zona Zero is a group of passionate trail riders that have been building enduro-focused trails in the region for more than 11 years. The 1,000 kilometers of trails follow medieval village paths that traverse the surrounding foothills of the Pyrenees, intersecting with ruins so often that riding here is almost equal parts archaeology and trail riding. See why Curtis is already saying that Zona Zero should be on every rider's radar.


la vuelta 2015 , estarà el podio de paris froome, nairo y valverde

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