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from coast to coast USA-Trans Continental Run

John Price
I will be starting my Trans Continental Run on February 14, 2011.
My route will be roughly east from Venice Beach (West Los Angeles, CA) Exiting the city on an access road for Interstate 10 to State Route 62 through 29 Palms, CA. I will take this east to the Arizona line where I will pickup US Route 60 and plan on taking US Route 60 the whole way to the end of the boardwalk in Virginia Beach.

Weight of Gopher (the cart and contents).
Total weight (adding in for shoes which I didn’t have handy) is 53 pounds! This is divided between 25 pounds empty cart and 27 pounds content… I still have to add in water weight which will vary between 6 to 24 pounds the heavier across the desert SW which is basically flat.
11, 4kgs (gopher )carrito
12,3 kgs contents

23,7 kgs total + water 3 - 10kgs depends on zone




Name John A. Price
Date of birth October 17, 1954
Origin of Huntingdon, PA, USA
Living in Virginia Beach, VA, USA
Club/Team Running ETC
Email japrice@mindspring.com
Web Page http://runvb2vb.com
Profession Electronic Technician

2007 Vol State Road Race (314 mile) 6d,8h
2008 Vol State Road Race (314 mile) 6d,7h
2009 Vol State Road Race (314 mile) 5d,16h
2010 doble deca monterrey mexico 30 d
Over 125 ultra runs

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