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santa pola, dorsales y ferias

Hoy , despuès de imprimir el informe del dorsal en casa me pasè por el castillo de santa pola donde estaba la feria del corredor. Me dieron el dorsal el chip amarillo que habìa comprado , un nùmero para meterlo en una urna para un sorteo de un viaje a mallorca, me dieron la camiseta, comprobè que el chip estaba bien grabado mediante una máquina lectora que estaba en un stand anexo.
Tambièn me di una vuelta por la feria del corredor donde recogì diversos folletos de las pròximas carreras y èncontrè la última novedad de camelback para los corredores, ciclistas y triatletas . Se trata de una camiseta tècnica con un bolsillo a la espalda para colocar la hidratación.Pongo la informaciòn en inglès màs abajo,y hay un video donde se muestra la camiseta màs arriba, ademàs de las fotos .

Fecha: 23/01/2011 Hora: 10:30
Total Inscritos: 8.200 Total Masc.: 7.000 Total Fem.: 1.200

Record Circuito Masculino: 01:01:10 Femenino: 01:10:27


If you’re a cyclist or long distance runner, what’s your strategy for remaining hydrated? Carrying a water bottle around? I was recently sent a Velobak (pictured above), from the company that invented “Wearable Hydration” – Camelbak, to try it out. It actually came at a good time, because I’m preparing to participate in the Vancouver Sun Run on May 9th, which is a 10km run in beautiful downtown Vancouver, B.C.

So what exactly is the Velobak? Essentially, in my own words, it’s a shirt that has a compartment in the back for filling up with water & has a mouthpiece/straw in the front for you to drink from. Although I’m not a cyclist, I do occasionally go for a long distance run now & then. It’s definitely important to stay hydrated when going for long distances, so when I went on my last 10km run, this was really awesome to have. The shirt is super fitted, but comfortable and breathes nicely. The mouth piece is easily accessible, yet not in the way. Most importantly, the water flow from the pack to your mouth when you need it is perfect – you’re not just getting a wimpy flow of water, which is often the frustrating part with some water bottles and products like this. Luckily, that was not the case!
Product Details:
•The first three-pocket cycling jersey with integrated hydration
•Hydropouch – an innovative, integrated reservoir compartment that encapsulates a 72oz reservoir to support and stabilize the water weight on your back
•Quickwick – a lightweight and breathable fabric that delivers maximum moisture managment and dries quickly for cool and comfortable performance
•Quickfit – a plush, chafe-free compression fabric that self-adjusts while conforming to the body like a second skin.
The Velobak is available for both men and women and retails for about $130. Of course, this product (used by professional athletes and non-professional active peeps alike) is for people that go for long distance runs or are cyclists, etc. This product isn’t for you if you only go for 20-30 minute runs, because your body really doesn’t really require water unless you’re doing a 10km run or more. I’ll definitely be wearing this when hiking up the Grouse Grind her in Vancouver this summer as well, rather than carrying a water bottle up like I have done in the past. Adam, don’t get any ideas – this product is not for filling with alcohol…although I could see something like this being used at summer outdoor concert/camping events – sort of a more fashionable and discreet version of the beer helmet.

There are several other innovative products that Camelbak has available, so definitely check them out at http://www.camelback.com.

para hombreshttp://www.camelbak.com/Sports-Recreation/Packs/2011-Racebak-Mens.aspx

para mujeres

Read more at: http://www.homorazzi.com/article/camelbak-wearable-hydration-water-pack-runners-cyclists-long-distance-product-review/#ixzz1BnSYfnCu

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