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AllRestaurants Project

The needs for the website :

AllRestaurants is a link between restaurants and food companies in an environment of fierce competition, and lack of communication between the owners and service providers both locally and globally. In addition, there is a lack of a globally uniting formula that keeps restaurant owners updated with new resources, decorations, techniques, tools and equipment in the field.
AllRestaurants website facilitates communication between restaurant owners and cooks and helps locate culinary experts and food specialists.
AllRestaurants website provides a way for cooks to communicate and gain the experience and knowledge they need.
The difference between resources and recent technologies used in restaurants requires the introduction of good and competitive, which in turn provide restaurants with raw materials and new techniques needed for update and development and to make successful revenues in restaurants.
The decline and shrinkage of the job market internationally has called for a way to expand and spread the job market and supply all restaurants, whether locally or internationally, with competent staff. Therefore, the website seeks to provide job opportunities for those who work in food companies and restaurants.
The website fulfils the need to provide a global tourist guide to direct restaurant goers all over the world and notify them with the recent updates about restaurants, clubs, cafés and other places visited by tourists to have food on the basis of geographical areas.
AllRestaurants website helps and contributes to creating a minimal knowledge for subscribers about the profitability, technical, food, and health processes in restaurant projects.



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