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Avoid Triathlon Injuries with the 5 S's of Training
Zeasorb offers some helpful injury prevention advice

Published Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Avoid Triathlon Injuries with the 5 S's of Training As an Ironman athlete you spend a lot of time preparing for the big race. You make a conscious effort to eat well, stay hydrated, get adequate sleep, follow a training routine and avoid injuries. We hate to admit it, but sometimes the preparation just isn't enough and you wind up with minor - or major - injuries that force you to pause your training.

A good rule of thumb is to devote time throughout the week to the 5 S’s of training: Stretch, Strengthen, Soothe, Survey and Sleep!

Stretch: Make sure you always break a sweat before stretching, and devote adequate time following each workout to cool down. Stretching for 5 – 10 minutes post-workout helps your body feel less sore for your next workout.

Strengthen: Triathlon strength starts with your core muscles, the area of your body from your diaphragm to your groin. Consider implementing a short routine into your weekly schedule and work the core muscles, as well as any injury-prone areas like shoulders, knees and ankles. A weight-training regimen not only will strengthen muscles used during the race, but it also may help to reduce your risk of certain injuries caused by overuse.

Soothe: Treat yourself to a massage during key points in your training. It can help speed up the recovery process and keep your body flexible and relaxed. If you can’t spring for the professionals, consider using a foam roller and manually work out the kinks in your legs, hips, back and neck.

Zeasorb, the #1 dermatologist recommended powder, offers treatment and prevention products to tackle many of the minor training injuries and skin irritations that occur. Whether you’re chafed, blistered or dealing with fungal infections, Zeasorb can target and treat issues and help prevent unwanted fungal growth.
Survey: With triathlon training lasting anywhere from 3 to 9 months, it is important to routinely check your equipment’s wear and tear. Running in old shoes, using goggles or suits that are worn out, wearing ill-fitting clothing, etc., could hold your training back and add extra stress to your workouts. One quick tip, consider sprinkling shoes with an antifungal powder overnight, like Zeasorb, to keep fungi from growing and ruining your shoes.

Sleep: Sleep is a triathlete’s best, but often unappreciated friend. Plan your training to allow for maximum rest the day or night after your hard workout day, and make the effort to get your extra z’s!

Originally from: http://ironman.com/training/sponsors/zeasorb-offers-some-helpful-injury-prevention-advice#ixzz1jG0KdB8o


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