jueves, enero 26, 2012

Haile Gebrselassie/ Dibaba running

Haile Gebreselassie Video Analysis

How do today's elite athletes run from a technical standpoint? In this video we will look at Haile Gebreselassie's technique from his moving biography "Endurance". Dr. Romanov points out the good and the bad in his technique along with pointers for your own running. Enjoy!

Best runningtechnique ever! (Dibaba's 10K world record)

Tirunesh Dibaba is a worldclass athlete from Ethiopia, born in 1985, weighting 44kg (97.24 pound) and measuring 1.55m (60.45 inch). She ran (and raced) bare foot till the age of about 16-17.
Last year she ran a WR on a 15km race in my country, doing 46.28. Unfortunately I wasn't there to see here life in action. Huge mistake ....... She is my favorite female runner. She's shows superior technique, runs very fast and makes it looks so easy, effortless and relaxed. A great example of beautiful and efficient running!!

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