domingo, marzo 25, 2012

bici contra coche, bote y transporte pùblico cruzando londres

Highlights - The Stig, Hammond,May and Clarkson Cross-London Race - Top Gear

The presenters race each other across London to try and beat the London rush hour traffic towards London City Airport. Clarkson drives a powerboat on the Thames, but had to go slowly first; Hammond uses a Specialized Sirrus Limited carbon fibre bicycle; May drives a Mercedes-Benz GL 500, ending up paying the congestion charge; and the Stig used public transport (buses, the Tube and the DLR). Hammond comes first, Clarkson a close second, the Stig third and May last. Fearful that this result would ruin the reputation of cars and Top Gear in general, the presenters therefore facetiously disregard the results, claiming things like that Clarkson had died in a violent crash, and that London doesn't even have a river.

los 4 presentadores del programa de la BBC Top Gear , compiten utilizando distintos medios de transporte, bici (hammond), coche (May) , bote por el tàmesis (Clarkson ) y transporte pùblico (The Stig ) en una carrera para atravesar londres un lunes por la mañana para llegar al aeropuerto .

Gana la bici !

y fuè en cabeza desde el principio!


the bicycle

Sirrus LTD

Ergonomic Fitness/Commute

Fun can be serious work. The reasons you might ride will vary: could be an "easy" Saturday ride with friends, a 6:00 a.m. commute to work, even a 600-mile, week-long charity ride. Regardless of why you're throwing a leg over a bike, you need one capable, comfortable machine that covers all the bases with efficiency and ease. The Sirrus is just that: a lightweight, head's-up road ride that helps you beat car-trapped commuters home with a measure of safety on the weekdays, yet is still light and efficient enough for a long spin on the weekend.

Features Lighter, vibration-damping Specialized FACT carbon monocoque frame with carbon seat stays and Zertz inserts Lighter full carbon monocoque fork with Zertz inserts, Smoother shifting Shimano Ultegra front derailleur More gear choices with Shimano 10-speed components, Lighter FSA SL-K, hollow carbon 2-piece crankset Stronger, lighter Shimano R-600 wheelset Sirrus LTD $2400

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