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super mini auriculares (ear rings)


Earin: los auriculares inalámbricos más pequeños del mundo

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Cada auricular funciona sin ningún tipo de cable, sincronizándose mediante Bluetooth con nuestro smartphone o dispositivos compatibles.

Si bien no llegan al nivel de los "Bragi The Dash", al menos en cuanto a funciones y capacidades se refiere, el concepto de estos Earin es muy similar: unos auriculares 100% inalámbricos, que no requieren ningún tipo de cable, ni siquiera para unirlos entre ellos.Se ha prescindido de todo lo que no tenga que ver con la reproducción de música, de hecho, tampoco cuentan con micrófono ni sensores, sus creadores han apostado por centrarse solo en la música, con una gran calidad de audio y simplicidad, evitando otras funciones adicionales. De esta manera, los Earin se convierten en los auriculares inalámabricos más pequeños del mundo.

Dada su naturaleza inalámbrica, cada pequeño auricular cuenta con su propia batería de 50 mAh y receptor Bluetooth 4.0. Para cargar esta batería, tenemos una pequeña carcasa para transportarlo que hace las veces de cargador, incluso sin necesidad de conectarlo mediante el cable microUSB que integra, ya que la propia carcasa cuenta con una batería de 100 mAh.La autonomía es de unas 3 horas reproduciendo música de manera constante. Cuentan con una resistencia a salpicaduras y polvo IP54 y tienen un peso de tan solo 5 gramos y cuentan con una estructura de "armadura balanceada", que le permiten ofrecer una mayor sensibilidad, tiempos de respuestas y calidad de audio en general.La transmisión de sonido, mediante Bluetooth 4.0 o 3.0, se realiza primero al auricular izquierdo, transmitiendo los dos canales estéreo para, posteriormente, transmitir mediante otra conexión BT el canal derecho al auricular derecho.

Posiblemente, a todos nos ha surgido la duda de qué pasaría si los utilizamos para hacer deporte o tareas que requieran cierto movimiento. Para evitar que se nos caigan, incluye tres almohadillas de diversos tamaños para ajustarlo a cada oído, además de un accesorio que puede colocarse para fijar de una manera más segura cada auricular.Por el momento, están en campaña de financiación en kickstarter, donde podremos colaborar con el proyecto y adquirirlos por unos 150 Euros, ya que la oferta de 100 Euros se ha terminado a las pocas horas. Los primeros envíos se realizarán en enero del 2015.


Wireless earbuds filled with sound, yet so small they are almost invisible!

Earin is the smallest, wireless earbuds available on the market. Two earbuds that together function as one Bluetooth headphone; no cables, no attachments just magically small delivering high quality audio sound.

Earin represents Olle Lindén’s vision which came to life in 2008 after seeing the intro of the movie ‘Definitely Maybe’, where the actor Ryan Reynolds walks down a crowded New York city street with just a pair of small earbuds without cables, listening to, as he says “the soundtrack of a perfect day”. After seeing this movie, Olle was inspired to “create a perfect wireless experience” so his headphones were formed.

At that time, the technology to transmit stereo sound wirelessly was not available as I imagined, but 5 years later I assembled a team of former colleagues and we began our journey. Now we are proud to present a product that is easy to use, beautifully crafted, and creates a fantastic music experience.

Whatever reasons you choose to listen to music, you want it to be a hassle-free experience. When starting our development our mission was to create a product that would be focused on simplicity, size and audio quality.

No unnecessary functionality has been added. No sensors, no lights and no microphone, that’s right - no microphone! Not because we couldn’t but because we wouldn’t!

Earin is for music lovers – and music lovers only.

We use balanced armature speakers, used in professional in-ear-monitors and hearing-aids to deliver the best possible sound and to keep power-consumption at its minimal. High-density rechargeable batteries are used to keep playback time up and size down.

Our compact capsule design is perfect for storing your earbuds and will also easily fit in your pocket whatever you’re wearing. To create more flexibility when you’re on the go and to increase the playback time, the capsule also functions as a charger. Just place the earbuds in the capsule and they will be charged automatically – so they’re ready when you are.



Dimensions, capsule: Ø18mm x 62mm
Dimensions, earbuds: Ø14mm x 20mm
Weight, earbuds: 5 grams
Weight, capsule: 25 grams
Play time: 2,5-3 hours (double this if charging in the capsule)
Earbud/capsule battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion Button Cell
Bluetooth IC: BT CSR8670, BlueCore5 with aptX
Bluetooth@3.0 and Bluetooth@4.0 compatible
Balanced Armature Speaker: Knowles SR-Siren
Design for IP54 ingress protection


The balanced armature speaker in Earin is a new design featuring extended response in the low end and vastly improved high frequency response.

Balanced armature speaker is a high-precision design consisting of spring and magnetic force that removes a lot of the moving mass. This makes it possible to deliver fast attacks and a clear sound that lets you hear all the details in the music. At the same time the low mass makes it very energy efficient. It consumes only a fraction of comparable technologies, a key in making a hearing aid go for days on tiny batteries. These are also the qualities we were looking for to come up with this solution: sound quality and long playtime in a very small package.

The focus for audio is the end result of the total system. Having the electronics in the earbuds gives you the opportunity to optimise the acoustics and the electronics together in a way not possible with corded headphones. This is an even greater advantage when it comes to balanced armature which provides unique tuning capabilities, but have a somewhat strange load on the amplifier. Tuning them together bypasses this problem.

With the power of the AptX solution for digital audio Earin can secure an audio transfer that is optimised for instant real-time audio streaming. AptX has already earned a reputation for some of the highest audio quality, extremely low latency and strong resilience to bit errors, and has been proven in wireless, broadcast and professional live performance applications.


To be able to fit all components in such a small space we have chosen a chip with built-in functionality as shown below in the simplified block schematics of Earin.

Bluetooth as a technology has its limitations. A Bluetooth device is either a slave or a master. The slave receives information and the master sends it out. The Bluetooth is set by a common standard that all manufacturers have to follow.

We are using a chip that can do both and in actual terms each chip is divided into two parts, a master and a slave. This means that this chip bypasses the standard “weakness” in Bluetooth and can function as both receiving information and at the same time sending information.

The picture above shows the Bluetooth flow in Earin.

For us it was extremely important to make Earin magically small in size and light weight. Small because we want people to be amazed when they see it and light weight because a heavy product will loose grip by its own weight when you move.

Because of the shape of Earin, we chose a Li-Ion coin cell battery from Varta Micro-battery and this battery is remarkable in many aspects.

Low internal impedance
Output current that meets our requirements and charging within the hour
Robust design which lowers risk of damaging at production assembly
Very high density - 50mAh packed in a package of 12.1x5.4 mm and 1.6g

The architecture of the earbud is based on two main covers which are ultrasonically welded to create a water-tight seal, protecting the electrical components. The materials are carefully selected to withstand both climate and impact testing. As all project membershave extensive experience of creating similar consumer products, we know what works and what doesn´t.

Ergonomics is also a parameter that has been in focus since the project started. Various prototypes and competitor models have been tested and we’ve concluded that the ergonomics, both in terms of comfort and secure fit, gains from minimising the volume and the weight. The earbuds’ center of gravity should also be kept as closely to the body as possible. We’ve managed this by angling the shape of the front cover, enabling close fit and to mimic the shape and direction of the human ear channel.

For those of you who plan to use your Earin in more extreme use cases, including sports, we have developed a special ‘Concha Wing’ which will improve and secure the fit even further. The concha lock is made out of silicon for optimal comfort.


Your earbuds are ready for action as soon as you remove them from the capsule, just follow the steps below and you are ready to go.


We have been working hard for the last year and a half preparing for our Kickstarter launch. What started as an idea has now resulted in an impressive technical solution, perfect for your eyes and ears.

To get where we're at today, we had to achieve some important milestones which are illustrated below:


June 2014: Continue Alpha prototype testing & refinement
July 2014: Update Beta schematics & PCB CAD, Beta HW order, DFM analysis.
August 2014: Mech tool order.
September 2014: Arrival of Beta HW, Compliance testing & certification, Mech 3D update.
December 2014: Begin manufacturing.
January 2015: Get Earin in your hands!

By contributing to our project and help us get the product to market, you will not only get a great product, but also kickstart a young company consisting of four passionate and dedicated engineers with many ideas and exciting visions.

From left; Olle Lindén, Kiril Trajkovski, Per Sennström, Carl Ståhl
From left; Olle Lindén, Kiril Trajkovski, Per Sennström, Carl Ståhl
If you like being in the forefront of technology and support a company that will make sure you’ll get there, then we’d love to have you onboard our journey.

Your contribution will be used to:

Build our 2nd prototype
Compliance testing & Certifications
Investments in mechanical tooling
Source components for our first sales batch
Finalize the design of the world’s smallest wireless earbuds

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