jueves, julio 21, 2011

1 leopard attacks , his name is not andy

A leopard was caught on camera attacking a forest guard in a village in Siliguri in West Bengal. The leopard strayed into Prakash Nagar village from a forest nearby. Residents summoned help. Forest officials tried to tranquilize the leopard who was unnerved by the large crowds that were following him. The leopard injured five people before he was hit by rubber bullets. Local officials say the leopard has been taken back into the forest.

Un leopardo ha atacado con violencia a siete personas en la ciudad india de Prakash Nagar.


A lesson to all guides (myself included) - Even a relaxed leopard that we see everyday is still wild! Here she gives a warning, the camera is almost at full zoom so the warning is dismissed due to the distance and the fact that the leopard had been quite happy with the prescence of the vehicle for quite a while before the clip starts. She charges. You can hear the thud of her body hitting the door as she hisses and spits...
Afterwards the leopard went back to her normal relaxed behaviour...
Filmed at Idube Game Reserve in South Africa http://www.idube.com/static

leopard attacks a hunter after being shot - part 1 /2

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