domingo, julio 31, 2011

bici de triatlón jamis de gonzalo pardo

Mi Bici: Jamis Xenith TT (Gonzalo Pardo)

El triatleta gesellino muestra detalle por detalle cómo es la Jamis contrareloj que usó durante su gira europea.

Cómo esta armada, sus frenos embutidos y su respuesta frente a diferentes condiciones. Conócela en este video-entrevista:

Xenith T2

Our Xenith T-Series turned the tri world on its ear with its radical design when it debuted just a few years ago. The Windshield aero fork with rear-facing, fully enclosed front brake was a radical departure from the norm (and copied almost instantly). Combined with NACA-compliant aero profiles throughout the frame, a rear brake snugged under the chainstays and seat tube shroud shielding the rear wheel, these flourishes let Xenith's time trial frame slip through the air like a greased arrow.

Aggressive 78-degree seat tube angles help you maximize your power as you churn those gears, and we've given these bikes head angles and fork offsets that work like a charm with TT bars for straight-line stability in an aero tuck and sizzling-fast cornering manners on technical courses and at turnarounds.

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