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Carry me !

Pequeña en tamaño, grande en posibilidades: plegable en 20 segundos - muy ligera - cómoda posición de conducción – comportamiento de bicicleta de tamaño normal - excelente aceleración y maniobrabilidad - relación de cambio optimizada para un pedaleo eficiente y relajado – diseño revolucionario .

Pesa poco más de 8 kg y se guarda en una bolsa de 91x30x27 cm. en segundos, lo que la hace extremadamente fácil de llevar, transportar o almacenar.


CarryMe establece un nuevo punto de referencia en su categoría. Es una bicicleta de alta calidad, con ruedas especiales de 8 pulgadas, de sorprendentes prestaciones de funcionamiento y plegado. Pesa poco más de 8 kg y se guarda en una bolsa de 91x30x 27 cm. en segundos, lo que la hace extremadamente fácil de llevar, transportar o almacenar.


La idea que impulsó el concepto CarryMe surgió cuando George Lin, fundador de Pacific Cycles, imaginó una bicicleta que pudiese llevarse de viaje en tren, autobús o avión. Muchas de las técnicas aprendidas en el desarrollo de otras bicicletas plegables fabricadas por Pacific fueron aplicadas para conseguir una bicicleta de tamaño imposible.

Para lograr la velocidad y cadencia de una bicicleta de tamaño normal se han diseñado de forma expresa todos los componentes de la transmisión, consiguiendo una relación de marcha ideal. Para optimizar aún más esta pequeña bicicleta, la versión DS incorpora un cambio de 2 velocidades de la marca suiza Schlumpf, que le permite alcanzar una mayor velocidad.

Pacific Cycles Inc.

Fundada por George Lin en 1980, Pacific Cycles es una fábrica internacional de diseño y fabricación de bicicletas compuesto por una plantilla de 100 personas, un 20% de los cuales son ingenieros. Disponen de una potente plataforma de investigación y desarrollo para las más de 40 marcas de renombre para las que trabajan. En el mundo de las bicicletas plegables, Pacific Cycles trabaja con Riese und Muller en los modelos Birdy y Frog; con Airnimal en el Chameleon, Rhino and Joey; con Kuwahara en Gaap; con Tartaruga, Pacy y Smartcog en otros modelos.

En triciclos trabaja con Greenspeed, ICE y Turf Trike. Para productos para necesidades especiales, Invacare y Uni-roller. Pacific también trabaja con Astrix, Banshee, Canfield, Niner y otros 24 para producir mountain bikes de gama alta. Otros proyectos incluyen el Rowbike, Staircycle, Bicycle Trailer y Recumbent. En el año 2006, Pacific lanzó 5 productos bajo la marca Pacific: Reach, CarryMe, Micah, Handy and 2Rider.


¿Cuál es el peso total de una CarryMe?

El modelo SD (una marcha) pesa 8,7 Kg y el modelo DS (dos marchas) 9,2 Kg.
¿Cuàl es su precio ? precios SD; US$640/ DS ;US$910


Pacific Carry Me review

"The lightest, smallest folder seen yet (that's rideable), and at an attractive price"

4 of 5 stars

Thu 31 Jan 2008, 6:00 pm GMTBy Richard Peace

Mini-folders have made a couple of recent appearances in Bikeshop in the form of the Mobiky Genius which boasts quality engineering and a nice ride but is relatively heavy and the UK-designed Strida which has amazingly simple fold but is single-geared and has slightly unusual handling characteristics.

Now comes the Pacific Carry Me, the most basic, single-gear version of which weighs in at only 7.9kg and folds into a daintily small, long, thin package. This small fold size is accomplished by the use of 8in wheels. Yes, that's right, 8in wheels. After the critical panning of the 6in-wheeled Sinclair A-bike in the 'serious' biking press, it seems quite a brave move to introduce the Carry Me into the UK.

Rather to my surprise, it worked, and it worked pretty well. It has a pretty rigid 7005 aluminium frame and the micro-pitch chain transfers your pedal power quite nicely to the 48 inch gear. As you would expect on a small-wheeled bike, acceleration is pretty quick, in this case topping out at about 10mph (apparently you can average around 14mph on the two-speed version). The calliper brakes were adequate, though the back one could do with beefing up a little. Perhaps most surprisingly, the bike was pretty easy to power up moderately steep hills – no doubt the nippy acceleration helping you maintain a decent speed. Only on steep descents does the sensitive handling feel a little unnerving, but you get used to this and steering at speed simply becomes a matter of making very fine handlebar movements or just using your balance to steer. Even riding one-handed for signalling was perfectly practical after a bit of practice. You do need to keep an extra careful eye out for large potholes, though…

Where the bike is unique is in combining such reasonable rideability with such a small, light and extremely handleable folded package. Folding is mainly a matter of lowering the quick-release seatpost and bars into the right position and unclipping a seatpost catch then loosening a frame-mounted wingnut at the joint with the extra long head-tube. This then allows all three 'sections' – front end, main frame and seatpost – to concertina together, the hinged diagonal supports cleverly folding with them. The bike doesn't look simple to fold, but with practice it is. Catches secure the folded parts together (the seatpost catch uses the quick release lever and is rather fiddly), and folding bars and pedals complete the job. There are also dinky luggage racks front and rear that will carry small amounts of hand luggage. Its waist-high folded package can then be wheeled along platforms and pavements very easily on the small rack-mounted coaster wheels.

It seems to fill the need for a bike that will be taken in and out of trains, cars, the Tube and so on constantly (with practice we got a quick fold down to less than 10 seconds), with shorter rides of a few miles in between. For trips on decent surfaces where folding and carrying the bike by hand is at a premium, this bike would be hard to beat – if you can live with the lively handling of those 8in wheels.



The idea behind the CarryMe concept all began when George Lin imagined having a bike that could easily be carried with you on a train, bus or plane—then after reaching your destination just jump on your bicycle and ride off. Many of the techniques learned from developing and riding Pacific’s other folding bikes were used as a basis for criteria that needed to be achieved in such an impossibly small bicycle.

CarryMe began with much development going into custom making the special 8” wheels that had to roll fast and ride like a full size bike. To achieve the speed and cadence of a full size bike, custom gears, custom pitch chain and freewheel parts were all designed so the same gear ratio and could be achieved. To further optimize this little folder an optional 2 speed Schlumpf Speed Drive unit was added to the bottom bracket area for increased speed and gearing range.

Since developing CarryMe, George Lin has become one of its most avid fans, and has ridden it in more than 16 countries!


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Muy buena recopilación de información sobre la bici plegable CarryMe de Pacific Cycles! Permíteme añadir un link donde poder adquirirla: www.carrryme.es

CarryMe dijo...

Muy buena y completa recopilación de información sobre la bicicleta plegable CarryMe de Pacific Cycles! Permíteme añadir un link donde poder adquirirla: www.carryme.es