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Ghost , la MTB de 20.000 € / Te detienen por hacer jogging.... en Austin USA / ofertas lidl jueves 27


Para conmemorar sus 20 años de aniversario Ghost crea una edición especial en oro , Full Suspension AMR con sòlo 20 unidades. El precio: sólo 20.000 €
Foto: Daniel Geiger


Nicolai argon fat pinion


falleciò el triatleta efrain arreaza


Soy Ucraniana Y Este Video Tiene Que Ser Difundido


Te detienen por hacer jogging

An escalation in Austin, TX

Written by: Herbert Krabel Added: Fri Feb 21 2014

A female jogger in Austin, TX was grabbed by an officer from the Austin Police Department who appeared to be on jaywalk patrol and the situation escalated very quickly from there. Advertising student Chris Quintero happened to be sitting nearby and he filmed and photographed the event as it unfolded.

"She was running. The cops had been giving citations for over an hour, and she just ran right by them and did not stop. She had headphones on, so I am assuming she did not hear them," recalled Quintero to slowtwitch. "When she was grabbed and [she thus] jerked away is when they put her in handcuffs."

KTBC Fox 7 in Austin had the following statement from APD: "The woman refused to identify herself. She was arrested for failure to identify and traffic signal violation."

But not many joggers or cyclists carry identification.Quintero told us that he could not hear what the officers were saying but below is the video and some images he took.What started as a workout session ended up in handcuffs and embarrassment.The woman was clearly distraught about the situation.The female was led away by two officers.Eventually the female was put in a cruiser with now 4 officers on the scene. We certainly do not condone jaywalking or breaking the law otherwise, but we are actually not even sure that the woman jaywalked, but failure to identify? Come on.She was reportedly jogging from the right hand side of the screen to the left hand side when she was nabbed and then things did indeed go ugly.No word what became of the jogger.


ofertas del lidl a partir del jueves 27 de febrero

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