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Sailing from Ibiza to lisbon 19 -24 june 2014



Historic Clipper Ship Stad Amsterdam
On the upper deck, you’ll feel as if you’ve boarded an actual nineteenth-century clipper ship. The beautiful chart house, original rigging, excellently maintained teak woodwork, the hoisting and setting of the sails, all exactly as it would have been in the rugged eighteen-hundreds. However, the sailing ship Stad Amsterdam also offers passengers every kind of twenty-first century comfort. As the crew maintain the ship’s course, our hospitality staff serve delicious food and drinks prepared by our chef in his galley.

The spirit of the nineteenth century
A stylish mahogany staircase takes you from the deck to the longroom, the heart of the vessel. The wonderful woodwork and the copper finishings will transport you straight to the nineteenth century. This is where our guests get together to have a chat, meet the crew, play a game, enjoy a drink or take meals. Would you like to sit back quietly, send an email or read a book? It can all be done in the longroom!
This is also the locations where a business meeting can be transformed into an unforgettable event. Anything is possible, with the latest technology and audiovisual equipment at our disposal. Whilst you hold your seminar or presentation, the crew navigate the waves and our hospitality crew takes care of your guests at the highest level. During breaks, they can stroll the decks and converse with the open sea all around. That beats any trade centre or hotel lobby, in our opinion.

Sleeping in an authentic Clipper atmosphere
The cabin interiors also have all the atmosphere of an old-time sailing ship. But don’t be fooled: you have all the luxuries of a modern hotel room. Your cabin is equipped with its own bathroom, with sink, lavatory and shower (with dual plugholes, to avoid overflowing). There’s a satellite phone connection and of course, there’s also an air conditioning unit you can control, making sure you keep cool in the Caribbean!

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam has 14 passenger cabins, ready to house two, but which can be altered to accommodate three or four people. During longer journeys, a ships doctor is present, and both the captain and first mate have medical training.


Sailing from Ibiza to Lisbon
Thursday June 19th till Tuesday June 24th, 2014

Sail with us to Harlingen and you receive 15% discount on this trip!
On Thursday June 19th, we will welcome you aboard the Clipper Stad Amsterdam in Ibiza. This magical island in the Mediterranean Sea, known for its beaches surrounded by pine trees and green hills with beautiful rock formations, is part of the Balearic archipelago. The historic center of Eivissa is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and a visit will be more than worthwhile. A little later that same moning we will leave Ibiza and set sail to Lisbon.
On Tuesday, June 24th, the sailing adventure will come to an end in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. After five days and nights of sailing at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean, the Clipper will arrive in the port of Lisbon. At 10:00 in the morning we will have to say goodbye unless you decide to sail to Harlingen with us too!

Sea sailing and standing watch
The ship’s crew stands watch in three shifts. These shifts are called the Red Watch (from 12- 4 AM and PM), the White Watch (from 4-8 AM and PM) and the Blue Watch (from 8-12 AM and PM).
If you like, you can join one of these watches. This way you can fully experience the works on a ship like Stad Amsterdam. Setting the sails, keeping lookout, setting the course or standing watch: you can participate in all of it.

As a member of the Red Watch you can enjoy the quiet of the sea and the endless starry skies. In the White Watch you will experience the break of dawn like you never did before while in the Blue Watch you can enjoy the sailing while maintaining a regular day and night rhythm.

The meals are enjoyed along with the crew in the long room at times adjusted to the watches. Every night the captain will give a short briefing of the mileage made on the past day, the mileage to go and any other points of interest.

Imagine standing on the lookout surrounded by nothing but the sea! The seas, being rough every now and then, maybe some other ships and sometimes even dolphins playfully dancing just ahead of the bow. On the other hand, one could also relax reading a book in the long room. We have a well stocked library on board.

All and all ingredients for an unforgettable experience!

Please be aware that the weather conditions may affect the amount of sailing time. In strong weather conditions we are sometimes forced to reduce sail and to use the motor.

Glossary multi-day voyage
Embarkation: Thursday June 19th at 8h00 in Ibiza, Spain
Debarkation: Tuesday June 24th at 10h00 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The airports of both Ibiza and Lisbon have easy connection with charter flights. For more information and tickets visit: www.skyscanner.com.

Glossary multi-day voyage
Price 3 person cabin: € 635,- p.p.
Price 2 person cabin: € 750,- p.p.
Price 1 person cabin: € 1125,-

This price includes:
• Breakfast with coffee, thee and juices;
• Morning coffee;
• Lunch buffet;
• Afternoon coffee;
• Diner buffet;
• Fresh fruit;
• Harbor and port dues.

Additional costs are:
• Flights and transfers;
• Additional drinks on board;
• Other personal expenses.


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