lunes, febrero 17, 2014

Menudo parche ! Active Patch 4U

The product: Active Patch 4U Foam composition : Brevet FR 1257656

Active Patch 4U are made of breathable and permeable foam, placed in between a neutral fabric made of breathable nylon mesh and a black polyurethane membrane of similar constitution as the foam.They contain precise concentrations (around 30g/m²) of more than 20 metal oxides and rare minerals finely grounded (<5 microns).Its black colour comes from the presence of organic coal, amplifying its potential of emissivity and widening the spectrum of its action.

Physical action of the patch :

- A patch absorbs and returns 95% of the energy it receives, within a spectrum of 4 to 200 micrometres, so to speak in the infrareds.- Between 27°C and 39°C, the wavelength of the energy that the body radiates is between 9.28 and 9.66 µm (far infrareds).

3 main modes of action :

I : Prevention :

The application of an Active Patch 4U on an identified discomfort area will help strengthening this area to limit the recurrence of the discomfort sensation.

II Comfort:

Care, stimulation, relaxation of the different body parts where a discomfort is felt.

III Post-treatment after discomfort sensations :

The patch does not aim at treating an abnormal functioning of the organism, but will contribute to restore a local and global energetic well-being .

Mode of action

Active Patch 4U are well-being products which work by stimulating specific energy points of the organism.In osteopathy, physiotherapy, kinesiology and other manual therapies, it is considered that each muscle has a trigger point allowing the spread of information and energy within the whole muscle. The same applies to each joint of which the capsules are located near the skin. We drew inspiration on those manual therapeutic methods to identify application points. Moreover, when applied on these points, Active Patch 4U return the body’s radiant energy deep down in the joint. Ligaments also all have their own key points.

The trigger and joint points served as a basis for the study led by the Spincontrol company to assess the efficiency felt with Active Patch 4U. On 110 individuals, the study showed the remarkable efficiency of Active Patch 4U on joint and muscular discomfort sensations.As for organs, osteopathy identities a few action points through nervous intersections or by way of the close presence of the organ from the skin, but the points are few and barely usable.We had to look to Chinese medicine, of which acupuncture point actions provide a wide range of point options, close or distant from the organ, in order to obtain regulating effects on the target organ functions.

From it, we only kept the mode of action. And then, from a wide number of positive observations about the well-being sensation offered by the product, we have kept on investigating to better define and highlight the efficiency of the application points chosen for the Active Patch 4U.More precisely, in order to learn the specific areas linked to the various discomfort sensations, refer to the non exhaustive list on our website.

There is no side effect, for the Active Patch 4U returns the energy on the surface of the skin, without making it pass through it. It stimulates energetic points on the surface and is to be applied on healthy skin. The energy returned does not create heat (we measured no more than a 0,2°C difference with a comparable basic product).

To date, we haven’t noticed any redness or other skin problem due to the use of Active Patch 4U.


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