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domenico el asiàtico !



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Meet Domenico Passuelo: The new king of triathlon in Asia
Posted On Apr 23 2015
Domenico Passuelo is now a familiar face in the Asian triathlon scene. He started his season winning Challenge Philippines, then was 7th at the very competitive Challenge Dubai, only to return for his second leg of the Asian season to capture two consecutive wins at Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya and Ironman Taiwan a week later. Learn more about Domenico in this exclusive interview with AsiaTRI.


Name: Domenico Passuello
Nationality: italian
Base: Italy
Occupation: Professional triathlete since May 2014
Family Status: Single
Sponsors: Forhans team, Taymory, Ekoi, ON running, Aquasphere, Carrera bikes, Polar

1.Can you tell us about your background in sports and why you transitioned from cycling to triathlon?

I have a back ground as soccer player until 18 years of age and cycling from 18 to 25. After that I didn’t participate in sports for 5 years, then started with the swim and I just tried to do some races for fun. I wasn’t so strong in cycling unfortunately so I left it really early.

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2.You won Challenge Philippines late in February, then did well at Challenge Dubai and came back to Asia in April to win Ironman 70.3 in Putrajaya, then Ironman Taiwan. How do you handle your training in between flights and races? And do you try to adjust to the heat of the Asian races even if training from your base in the European winter?

It’s easy I didn’t train too much. I just have a good block during the winter and than I start with the race. The races are the best training I know so I race as much as possible. I enjoyed and it’s important for my work. Heat I love it, I don’t love cold weather, my body doesn’t work. Travel yes,that’s a problem but I try to to what I can to stay comfortable and chose the right flight. Anyway, I don’t travel all year as an early season of course, now I will race more in Europe because our summer is full f races in this period.

3.What are the next goals for you, both short and long term? And what steps in your training and racing are you taking to get you there?

I would like to be strong at Ironman France and in this way be sure to be in the top 50 in the rankings for the World Championships in Hawaii. I like to race, I don’t care too much to have big targets and invest everything on it. No secret for training, I won Ironman Taiwan with two long training sessions on the bike, around 170-180 km , 3 long runs up to 30km and one combo bike-run of 6h30,of course going from Ironman Putrajaya one week before, I think the mind is the secret and the engine and try to use it in all aspect of my life. If you have a good balance you can be as strong athlete…and also a good person.


4.Can you describe a typical training week? What does it take to perform at the level you do.

In the winter for 2-3 months before the race I increase from 20km swim ,200-250 bike, 50-70 run to one month before start the season with 20km swim-300-450 bike-70-110 run. That is a big week for me…..up to this I burn myself and I don’t improve so everything is from 17 to 25 hours a week,not too much as many other athlete…..meanwhile mind is always fresh, that’s the most important thing.

5.What are your thoughts about the triathlon scene in Asia and what attracts you to come and race here so often? Any interesting experience you’ve had in the past races to share with our Asian based triathletes?

I love all races in Asia, I love the heat and the passion of the people. Really, I would like to be in Asia more but the travel is expensive and most of the time prize money is low, so it is not easy combine this.

Thank you Domenico and good luck for the rest of the 2015 season!



La bici de Domenico Passuello
admin | abr 29, 2015 | 0 comments

El hombre más en forma de la primavera 2015 en LD, Domenico Passuello va así en bici.

Analizamos la bici del vencedor del Triatlon de Elche.

La bici utilizada por Domenico Passuello es en su caso nacional, fabricada en Italia, lleva una Carrera TT S01. La lleva con el 95 % de montaje de fábrica, es decir el tope de gama de la marca italiana, tal cual se vende al público.

El cuadro es una talla M con un peso de 1350 gr. Tiene una geometría mixta entre cabra y carretera, además a Domenico le gustra sentarse algo retrasado. Fabricado en carbono Pre-Preg T-700SC SHM40 TONS – HR40. En el tubo horizontal tiene una forma de tejado a dos aguas, para ganar en coeficiente aerodinámico.

Las ruedas son unas Vision, la Metron 81 delantera, de 80 mm y la Disc trasera, una lenticular, ambas en banda de frenado de carbono. Para la elección de ruedas decide el mismo día de la prueba, puede como en Elche que entrene con lenticular y decida correr con 80 mm atrás. La Horquilla es una Carrera 60HM VD. De 1-1/8” – 1,5” , y de un peso de 450 gr

La tija del manillar es la que viene con la bici, muy regulable y la lleva muy adelantada, evita ir con los brazos a 90º , y le gusta ir tumbado

El manillar es el Vision TriMax Handlebar, con tubos R- Bend

Grupo Shimano Dura Ace Di2 de 10 velocidades, piñon Dura Ace 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23, para un ciclista como él sobrado. Le gusta ir tirando a agil.

Sillín, es muy cómodo un Prologo Nago Evo Tri 40 TS Negro Mate

Bielas de contrareloj Vision TriMax Carbono BB30, son de 172,5 y ha sustituido los platos de serie por el sistema OSYMETRIC con un 54 – 41. En cuanto a los pedales, los SPD

Frenos TRP, vienen de serie y están escondidos para evitar turbulencias y ganar vatios.

Tubulares también del país, Tubular Vittoria Corsa SL ISOgrip. Utiliza espuma reparadora, es un hombre que no suele abandonar.


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