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TB-2, el parche de emergencia para neumàtico de bici carretera o montaña


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Posted by Mavi Kocaeli on Jueves, 9 de abril de 2015


Item # TB-2 Emergency Tire Boot

The fastest, easiest, and most secure way to repair a cut or worn tire sidewall. The TB-2 is produced using a strong, waterproof vinyl membrane with fiber weave reinforcement. A super strong pressure sensitive adhesive assures the boot stays in place in any tubed tire, road or mountain, high or low pressure. A true ride saver.

The TB-2 measures approximately 76mm x 45mm (3" X 1.75")


Price: $3.14ea.

Cut, scraped, and even worn sidewalls can easily and securely be patched using the Park Tool TB-2 Tire Boot. The TB-2 is made with a thin, extra tough film that will withstand the most demanding conditions on the road or trail until the tire can be replaced. To use, simply peel off the protective backing and position the TB-2 inside the tire casing over the cut or worn area. A super strong adhesive using 3M technology keeps the TB-2 in position while reinstalling the tire and tube. There's no easier or more effective way to boot a cut or worn tire. NOTE: Always replace a cut tire as soon as possible. Set of 3.

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