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cannondale informa ,¡ ojo, no montes con la potencia opi !

ceci today with the opi stem !!


puedes ahorrar algo de peso cambiando toda la potencia opipor èste tubo que permite colocar una potencia estandard



3 September 2015
At Cannondale, the quality and safety of our products are of paramount importance. We build world-class bicycles, components and parts for riders who demand the highest levels of performance.
During the course of regular testing, we identified a potential safety issue with the OPI stem/steering tube assemblies used in certain Mountain Bikes. We informed appropriate regulatory authorities and, while there have been no reported accidents or injuries as a result of this, we decided it would be in the best interest of our consumers to conduct a voluntary recall of the part.
From model year 2011 through model year 2015 Cannondale used OPI stems on certain Mountain Bikes. Some OPI stems were also sold as aftermarket stems. Testing has shown that the nature of the connection between the base of the OPI stem and the top of the steering tube results in a reduced fatigue life. This could lead to fork failure, with risk of a serious accident or injury. To address this risk, all OPI equipped forks must be fitted with a special wedge kit that locks and reinforces the threaded connection between the OPI stem and the steering tube. This remedy restores appropriate fatigue life.
You can identify that you have an OPI stem that is being recalled if the words "OPI" are printed on the top of your stem. You should stop riding your bike immediately and bring it to your nearest authorized Cannondale Dealer to have the part replaced at no charge. Call ahead to make your appointment and you should be in and out quickly. It should take less then 30 minutes to install the new part. We know that it might be a hassle to have to take your bike off the trails to do this, but your safety is important to us.
If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department.

Recalled Product:
This recall affects Cannondale mountain bikes produced between 2011-2015 with a Lefty front fork assembled with a component known as an "OPI Stem" and an "OPI Steerer." The OPI Steerer is being recalled. It is located inside the headtube and is not visible. The Lefty fork and the OPI Stem ARE NOT being recalled.

- OPI Stems are marked with the “OPI” logo in black with a white stripe above. OPI Stems look smooth and are rounded at the bike head tube.
- OPI Stems have no stem bolts, only 4 handlebar bolts.
Use the illustration above to identify a bike subject to recall.

Manufacturer / Importer:
Cycling Sports Group Inc., of Wilton, Connecticut.

OPI steerers affected by this recall have reduced fatigue life which could lead to breakage of the fork clamps or bolts over time. If that happened, a rider could lose control leading to an accident.

Consumers with a bicycle equipped with an OPI stem should immediately stop using the bicycle and contact the nearest Authorized Cannondale Bicycle Dealer. Cannondale Dealers will inspect the bicycle OPI stem and fork for any damage that may have occurred and fit the OPI stem steerer system with a reinforcement part and install new Lefty clamp bolts.

This recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Find a Authorized Cannondale Dealer


According to the CPSC recall notice, no injuries have been reported. The recall affects about 23,000 bikes in the U.S. and 917 in Canada.

CSG is supplying dealers with a special wedge kit (KR052) or pack of five kits (KR053) that locks the threaded connection between the OPI stem and the steering tube to restore appropriate fatigue life. All OPI-equipped forks must be fitted with the wedge kit. And additional kits will be available at no charge, the company said.

New clamp bolts with a black finish are included and required. Also included and required are torque spec decals. Forks that have been fitted with the wedge kit will be distinguishable by these two visible features.

CSG said that the kit takes less than 30 minutes to install, including necessary cleaning and inspection.

“Due to the simplistic nature of this remedy, we will not reimburse (dealers),” said a company spokesman. “We have worked very hard to make this remedy low in complexity and have proactively shipped wedge kits to dealers. Our authorized retailers are extremely familiar with this assembly. In most cases, this will be a while-you-wait fix.”

For any additional questions, dealers can call CSG dealer service at (800) 726-2453.

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