viernes, septiembre 18, 2015

Interbike las vegas , novedades dìas 2 y 3


slowticht day 2

slowticht day 3



PERAM™ Never-Flat Airless Tube - All-Weather, All-Terrain and Never-Flat Technology - is for every OLD and NEW bike tire on the road. It will change bike maintenance forever. It is all Good! - See more at:


Ultra Light Solid Bike Tire Tannus Aither 1.1
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Company: Tannus
Tannus is a global bike tire brand producing and providing the SOLID Structure bike tires since 2011. Tannus has spent over a decade perfecting the compound polymer before introducing these revolutionary tires to the global market. Our product is made from a Micro Closed-Cell Olefin Polymer Foam material called Aither 1.1. This unique material has many remarkable features such as; ・Light Weight (700 x 23C weighs 390g) ・No effects from chemical attacks. (e.g. Ultra Violet Ray resistant, no hydrolysis etc...) ・No Puncture. ・Long Life (Runs 9000km with 70kg weight, and wears only 1mm) ・High elasticity and low rolling resistance. All these facts above insist that our product is compatible to traditional pneumatic tires. In other words, Tannus Tires draw a line to so-called puncture proof solid tires in the market. You no more need AIR to run bicycles, and no need of worrying the air leak nor having the tire to be flat.
Ultra Light Solid Bike Tire Tannus Aither 1.1
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Company: Rolf Prima
29" or 27.5" 1455g / set 29mm wide external rim Hand-built in Eugene, Oregon, USA The Rolf Prima Alsea line takes its name from a newly constructed and still evolving trail system within a short drive from the Rolf Prima factory in Oregon. It combines technically challenging lines of rock and root with ripping descents and plenty of air beneath your wheels. We’ve created a light, climbing set while giving you the width, stiffness and strength to charge through anything in your path. Our fastest mountain bike wheel ever, paired with the new XST2 hub platform to give you even more performance with no compromises.
Price: $2399.00
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Eye Catching Wear - NSR's FLASH

The best Innovative Bike Wear Ever! NSR's FLASH Jacket(or Jersey) is the first one as a whole jacket(or Jsersey) that is reflective when artificial light is placed upon it. This makes it highly visible in low light conditions while cycling for your daily commuting in the early morning or evening. Ideal for cyclists that want to be visible when riding at night, as well. - The whole jacket, front & back, made of reflective FLASH fabric offers EXPLOSIVE Visibility in low light conditions. - Windproof and UV Protection - Stretchable and breathable side panel - YKK semi-auto lock zipper - Silicon band at the waistline that prevents rolling up
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