domingo, noviembre 16, 2014

android versus iphone



reportaje de CUATRO sobre la problematica que nos encontramos en los montes los amantes del ciclismo de montaña.Las trampas.


Best Bus Stop Ever

Unbelievable Bus Shelter | Pepsi Max. Unbelievable #LiveForNow

Campeones de Baile Swing de la Costa Oeste de los Estados Unidos, John Lindo y Stephanie Batista


100 Things iPhone's Can't do Android Phones Can


15 Things You Never Knew Your iPhone Could Do

1. Passcode with letters instead of numbers

2. Siri can read your e-mails to you

3. Timestamps on texts

4. Find out what planes are flying above you

5. Shake to undo and redo texts

6. More detailed calendar

7. Double tap the shift key for caps lock

8. Use your phone as a level

9. Turn off in-app purchases

10. Burst photos

11. The em-dash exists

12. Shoot a photo with the volume button

13. Use your Apple earbuds

14. Custom vibrations

15. Airplane Mode = faster recharge

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