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Vive en la caseta del pastor por 29146 US$/ drone low cost 69 US$

marido a domicilio, lo que su marido no hace... nosotros lo hacemos!



De fotos y vídeo en la Maratón de Murcia 2014

Adolfo Almarza


Small living goes old-school with the Shepherd Hut

By Adam Williams November 3, 2014

The Shepherd Hut will set you back around CAD 32,900 (US$29,146) (Photo: Güte)

Canadian company Güte recently designed a prefabricated trailer-like hut that's suitable for use as a small dwelling, office space, or guest room. Its old-school looks notwithstanding, the Shepherd Hut can be connected to an electricity supply or operate off-grid, and features a nice finish and some space-saving furniture inside.

The interior of the Shepherd Hut sports modular furniture to make the most of what space i...The interior includes a folding hardwood desk, a butler's cupboard and countertop, a sofa ...The Shepherd Hut rests on cast iron wheels (Photo: Güte)Güte told Gizmag that the firm generally works with a customer to create an interior to su...View all
The Shepherd Hut measures 2.1 m (7 ft) wide, with the length determined by the customer, though Güte recommends a length of either 3.6 m (12 ft) or 4.8 m (16 ft). It's designed to withstand a harsh Canadian winter so should be suitable for those living in chilly climes, and features a hardwood or steel chassis, wooden siding and floor, and a cedar or corrugated steel roof.

Available furniture includes a folding hardwood desk, a kitchen unit, sofa bed, bunk beds, and a bookcase. Güte also offers a hand-pumped solid brass sink and a brass Welsh miner's lamp.

The Shepherd Hut measures 2.1 m (7 ft) wide and Güte recommends a length of either 3.6 m (...
The Shepherd Hut is wired to operate from a battery, generator, or extension cord. It can also run off-grid with an optional solar array and battery bank. A wood burning stove or an ethanol fireplace can be fitted, and the firm told us that a composting toilet can be installed, but that a building permit may then be required.

The furnished model featured will set you back around CAD 32,900 (US$29,146), plus delivery, though additions like the PV array, ethanol fireplace, and the wood stove cost extra.





We’re proud to introduce you to one of the most fun introductory drones on the market. Not only is this state-of-the-sky drone extremely stable to fly but you’ll also be flipping through the air before you know it.

This exclusive matte black drone can’t be found anywhere else on the web for this price and until mid-November you can get it for an unbeatable price of $69. In mid-November the price will increase to $79.


What’s not to love? It’s an insanely fun drone to fly and it can also capture some serious video footage as well. This powerful little drone is the size of your palm and with 6-axis gyro technology it makes for an extremely smooth flight. With a flight time of about 10 minutes, this is a great introductory drone for anyone looking to dominate the sky.

Out of the box ready-to-fly
Palm-sized drone
6-axis flight control system for an extremely stable flight
4-ways flip (left, right, forward, backward)
Beginner and expert flight modes
USB charging cable allows to charge it by computer

4 AAA batteries
Determination to master flight

Material: Plastic, Alloy
Channels: 4
Battery: 3.7V 380 mAh
Remote Control Battery: 4 x AAA (not included)
Main Rotor Diameter: 2.17"/ 55 mm
Recommended Ages: 14+
Flight Time: 7 minutes
Charging Time: 30 – 40 minutes
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Camera: 720×4240 (.3MP), records onto Micro SDHC card
Color: Matte Black
Dimensions: (3.25 × 3.25 × 1.25)" (95.3mm)

One (1) Matte Black Quadcopter with SD camera (includes battery for drone only)
One (1) Remote Control
One (1) USB Charger
4 Rotors
U wrench
Please note: batteries and Micro SDHC card not included
Purchases will ship on or before 11/24/14
Shipping will take 1 to 2 weeks
This is a pre-order promotion
Continental USA shipping only
Limit 3 per customer
No refunds
Recommended for ages 14 & up


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