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Moab BLM bans electric bikes on non-motorized trails
Move classifies e-bikes as motorized, limits access in Utah playground

By Don Palermini November 21, 2014 NEWS
Captain Ahab Moab
Under new rules, e-bikes aren’t allowed on Moab’s mountain bike-specific trails like Captain Ahab.

In a move that could prove to be a bellwether for other trail systems across the US, the Moab Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has posted updated guidelines to their web page putting electric-powered bicycles in the same category as gas-powered vehicles, effectively banning them from numerous trails in and around the Utah mountain bike mecca.

While motor assisted bicycles are now not allowed on mountain bike trails, they are permitted on any motorized route open to motorcycles and off-road vehicles. This includes portions of classic trails like Porcupine Rim, where e-bikes are permitted on the “Jeep road” sections, but not the singletrack.

While significant, e-bikes will still have access to hundreds of miles of trails and unpaved roads in the area.

The BLM has published an updated PDF map showing the following trails it lists as “Mountain Bike Trails”:

Amasa Back Area
Bartlett/Jedi Slickrock
Gemini Bridges/Mag 7 Area
Klondike Bluffs Area
Klonzo Trails
Kokopelli Trail
Lower Monitor and Merrimac
Moab Brands (Bar M)
Pipe Dream
Porcupine Rim
Slickrock Bike Trail

Collective Evolution
In under 4 minutes, Alan Watts changes your life.

Granny MacAsskick from Summitride on Vimeo.

Granny MacAsskick shows my mother Uta Philipp on a bike adventure in the Hohe Tauern region in Austria. 55 years old, she is still kicking it like a young gun!


Por la mañana la famosa vuelta a pata al altet, dunas de arenales, playa hasta urbanoba y vuelta por el polideportivo en 46 min
y por la tarde vuelta al faro de santa pola por la costa 1h 30min para 28km a media de 19 km/h
Se sale del altet hasta el clot , se atraviesa y se va por el sendero de la costa hasta santa pola. Se coge la circunvalaciòn y se sube a la torre del moro. Luego se llega cerca del faro y se baja por el sendero de los chalets hasta el cruce del gran alacant.Trialera ceci y se circunvala el clot para llegar a casa.

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