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8bar Mitte, 3· bicis en una, carretera, ciclocross y viajes / Troja antirobo /Lumineer la luz invisible

The 8bar MITTE - The 1st convertible All-Road-Bike
How would it be to have a bike that's able to change its' geometry completely & transform from a road to a cross or an adventure bike?


We all have probably ridden different bikes in our lives. When seasons changes many of us struggled with slippery roads full of leaves while riding road bikes.

With cross bikes on the other hand we can have fun off the road, but riding on the streets takes a lot of energy and is not comfortable on longer trips.

And this is probably not the end: On a nice summer weekend we like to go on a little - or maybe a big - bike trip now and then. But with all our camping gear to take the only "weapon of choice" can be our travel bike with bicycle racks.

But who can afford three different properly set up bikes? And who has the place to store all those - living in a small apartment in the city?


To solve this situation, we literally re-invented the wheel and came up with the idea of a convertible all-road bike. The 8bar MITTE was born. A bike that can change from a road bike to a Cyclocross bike or an adventure bike with just a few easy steps.


Thanks to sliding dropouts and 2 different forks the bike is coming with, it easily can be transformed. This way it fits different types of tires, can adjust the bike geometry to your needs and store travel bags on racks as well as fenders.


In December 2015 the 8bar team went through the atlas mountains in Morocco to take the 8bar MITTE out for a rough test. In eight days we rode more than 800km with 12.000m of elevation. Each bike packed with five bags of camping equipment, spare bike parts, food & camera equipment round up in ca. 25kg of weight.

Across paved mountain passes, gravel roads as well as steep rocky paths not wider as half a meter.

Support this Kickstarter campaign to be one of the first people to see exclusive video footage from the great atlas mountains.



TROJA BIKE - GPS protection for your bicycle
Troja Bike can NOT be removed, switched off or destroyed by the thief. The battery works up to 1 season and can be recharged.

Troja Bike is the first and only GPS positioning system that can be neither turned off nor removed or destroyed by thieves. Troja bike is securely fixed inside the bicycle frame and can be easily operated. The battery runs up to a season and can be recharged at any time. The cellular connection is available in 44 countries and Troja Bike uses all available satellite systems for position determination:

Service Center

We will take care of you if your bike gets stolen. Our service center serves every customer in case of theft, working closely with local police and law enforcement, and, upon request, passing on the live GPS data to the authorities to allow rapid and smooth processing. We offer the police a direct interface to the reported stolen bicycles.

Motion Sensor

If you park your bike, just switch on the motion sensor; you will receive a message if someone unauthorized is moving your bicycle.

Individual position polling

You can request the location of your bike at any time, regardless of whether it was stolen or not.


Troja Bike is completely anonymous. An email address is enough to register with the network and to use Troja Bike. It is also possible to enter the serial number of the bicycle, upload a photo of your bike, and enter your insurance information.

Cooperation with Insurance and Police

Many insurance companies are interested in integrating Troja Bike into their insurance models. More information will follow soon. Only in case of theft the police get the position of your bicycle.

Troja Bike sport

Troja Bike Sport offers the possibility of connecting to our Sports App with evaluations of traveled routes and comparing and sharing the data with friends. Troja Bike sport is an upgrade and can be installed and run online at any time. The transfer of the routes driven is transmitted by Bluetooth to the Troja Bike App.

Two simple steps will get your Troja Bike ready

1) First, connect Troja Bike to the app.

After downloading the Troja Bike App, the accompanying QR-Code will link the app to your Troja Bike.

2) Second, simply mount Troja Bike into your bicycle frame.

It's very simple: remove the seat, insert Troja Bike into the frame and mount the seat again. Use the app to lock and unlock Troja Bike.

A bicycle is usually a long-term, often expensive purchase. It accompanies you in everyday life as well as during some of your leisure activities. A stolen bike is more than just a nuisance; it negatively impacts your daily life and is a financial burden,

and that's where Troja Bike can help:

Our GPS tracker is mounted inside the bicycle frame, invisible to the thief. Troja Bike cannot be turned off, manipulated, or removed by the thief. Once the bike has been stolen, it can be easily tracked and located via the mobile app. The Troja Bike App displays the exact location of your or your child's bike at any given time.




Lumineer is the bike light no one one will notice, until it matters. It seamlessly blends into your bike's sleek, sturdy frame.
Just a bike light?

If you're a cyclist, you'll know that bike lights are both life savers as well as one of cyclist's least favourite accessories. They're prone to getting stolen, broken, left at home, wasting time, and generally being an overall pain in the @**. Not to mention, 98% of them are downright ugly. Did I mention how irritating they are to attach to the bike? And ugly. Even Iron Man gets ready and out the door faster than you can get your battalion of bike accessories and go through the ritual of assembling them.



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