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hay que entrenar, aunque haga viento !




He Says He Lives In This Tiny Camper. When I Saw The Inside? I Couldn't Believe It
By Archit Tripathi
My wife and I are currently looking for a new apartment, because currently we simply don't have enough storage space and our home looks more like a set from Storage Wars. We don't really even have that much stuff, we just have no shelves or cabinets to put it in! Besides, it'd be nice to maybe have the space to get a few other things we've been wanting but don't have room for.
While I'm sure a lot of us can relate to the need for a little more space, there's a growing movement out there that seeks to do exactly the opposite - the "tiny house" movement is all about living as minimally as possible, utilizing every last inch of space to maximize efficiency. Although I'm not 100% sure I could commit to that kind of life, I have to say I've seen some truly amazing examples while working at Wimp; homes that had me thinking, "Hmmm, maybe I could do that after all."
If you're really serious about tiny living, however, then you may want to track down and chat with Paul Elkins. Paul's been touring the country for years with what he likes to call a "stealth" camper. The tiny domicile took him just $150 to construct, weighs only 60 pounds, and can be pulled by a bicycle (which is exactly what Paul does). Inside, he's got a stove, a sink, a little bit of counter space, some storage, and a bed. It's even insulated and has a skylight!
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Una novia inglesa que tuve, decìa que si sòlo salìa con la bici cuando no llovìa , aquì ( Gran Bretaña ) no se sale nunca !
Lo mismo pasa con el viento en Elche , si no quieres salir con la bici cuando hace viento, no sales nunca !
Hoy no iba a ser una excepciòn, hacìa viento fuerte del sur - sureste y decidì entrenar el tramo de enlace del triatlòn, comenzando desde la rotonda de arenales .Hace 9 dìas realicè la misma salida con viento fuerte del norte y hoy conseguì realizar la vuelta casi 2km/h màs ràpido.

Me he encontrado bien, sufriendo contra el viento pero resistiendo.

Consigo un record personal en la bajada de arenales a la rotonda RP en Downhill Dash (1:57) con viento a favor.Fueron en total 38,90 kilómetros en 1:25:11 horas a una media de 27,37 km/h con un desnivel acumulado de 194 m consumiendo 802 calorìas

La distancia con los datos del dìa 31 es un poco màs distancia porque se añade el tramo de enlace de ida y vuelta 1,6 km cada.

Entrenando el tramo de enlace del tri arenales con viento fuerte del norte- noroeste.Favorecido por el viento consigo dos records
RECORD PERSONAL (RP) en Subida Arenales del Sol (3:51) , RP en Sprintpower El Altet (1:43)

Fueron 42,10 kilómetros en 1:38:52 horas a una media de 25,52 km/h con un desnivel acumulado de 194m gastando 904 calorìas

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