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Roger Serrano gana Xterra malta


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Menuda pasada de anuncio

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Serrano, Poor win XTERRA Malta

April 3, 2016/in All, All Triathlon, Race Reports /by XTERRA
Majjistral Nature Reserve – The reigning XTERRA European Tour champion Roger Serrano from Spain and the women’s tour runner-up from 2015 Brigitta Poor from Hungary got off to a quick start in 2016 by capturing the season-opener at XTERRA Malta this morning.

XET Technical Director Nicolas Lebrun was on-site to take in all the action and brings us this report.

Malta is a beautiful place to start the 2016 edition of the XTERRA European Tour. The temperature today was around 20°C and the water 17°C, but the strong winds made the conditions a little bit tougher than it looked in the pictures.

The swim was two loops, starting with the tail wind then a 90° turn that made it hard on everyone to go straight. Jens Roth took the lead quickly and started the second loop with 15-seconds on Serrano, followed by new pro Pierre-Antoine Guilhem, age grouper Jean Marc Rimaud from Versailles, and Fabien Combaluzier who brought a big team with him to race here in Malta.

In the women’s elite race Diane Lee from the UK (she was 2nd at XTERRA Denmark last year) took the lead on local Maltese Danica Spiteri and Brigitta Poor, with Morgane Riou more than one-minute back.

At the start of the bike Roth had a 30-second lead on Serrano.

“I did a massive block of training this winter, and came here in good shape,” said Serrano, who broke a rib a few weeks ago but said he recovered quickly from that and was confident today.

Roth was stronger on the flat sections but Serrano was stronger on the downhills and technical pieces.

“I caught Jens after about 7km on a rocky downhill, then we collaborated a bit. I improved my run this winter, lost some weight, and wanted to start the run with energy,” said Serrano. “When I started this race today, compared to last year, I was much more confident in my running ability and wanted to prove that to myself today.”

Behind Roth and Serrano it was a race for third led by Guilhem, a new pro to XTERRA From the southeast of France, then Maxim Chane, who was making his pro debut but we know him from some great age group performances in Maui. Brice Daubord and Jan Pyott both got flat tires today. While Pyott did not finish as a result, Daubord rode the last few kilometers of the bike on his rim then ran his way to a 9th place finish.

In the women’s race Lee took a 30-second lead into the bike section, followed by last year’s Malta Champ Brigitta Poor and Spiteri, with Morgane Riou and Alena Stevens more than one-minute back. After the first loop Poor put 2:30 on Riou, and five minutes to the third place rider Lee.

“I was very nervous this morning,” said Poor. “It’s the first race of the season, and you don’t know who did what, so I just pushed as hard as I could. I lost my bottle early on the bike and that added some stress to the day.”

Back to the men’s race, Serrano led the first 500-meters of the trail run but was only five seconds ahead of Roth. His face and attitude were confident, however, like somebody in control of the race while Roth looked like he was in “all-out” mode.

It was four minutes before Guilhem came by in third, chased by another new pro Hannes Wolper and Chané in 5th. The top three stayed the same through the finish and Serrano won his first XTERRA after several 2nd place finishes on the tour last year.

“Of course I’m happy because I’ve been trying to get a big win like this for three years, but I also know that Brice had a flat, and Ruben Ruzafa wasn’t here,” said Serrano. “So it’s nice but I know I still have a long way to go.”

It was refreshing to see Serrano analyze his victory in this way, and I know a lot of people are happy for him tonight having got this win.

Roth was also elated with his runner-up showing, saying “it’s perfect, my condition is good and now I will start a big block of technical training on the mountain bike. I’m improving and I’m having a lot of fun.”

Guilhem was happy too, and surprised he did so well in his first XTERRA. It’ll be fun to follow his season and he’ll probably race next month in Greece as well. Chane finished in fourth, and after the race said “I like these races that are a little bit shorter. I’m really happy, especially to be able to run all the way home and forget my nightmare run from Maui last year.”

We will be watching Chane for many years to come. Peter Lehmann from Germany, another first year pro, had a solid run to finish in 5th. Lots of new guys out here today and I’m not sure if anyone in the top 10 was any older than 25!


In the women’s race Poor had a big lead on the run, but her boyfriend told her it wasn’t so big so she kept pushing and ultimately finished more than four minutes ahead of Riou. Sandra Koblmueller had a great run to move up from 6th place to third by the finish line, then Golsteyn and Stevens.

“I’m really happy,” said Poor. “I know I’m not yet at 100%, and clearly the goal is to try to win the Tour. I finished second last year, so I need to move up one more place. I will try to race the whole tour, and give myself the best chance of winning it.”

Riou had a career-best performance in 2nd place, a result of a lot of hard work in the off-season to improve her mountain biking with the Organicoach crew.

Another highlight for the day was seeing David DeSantis finish his 4th race of the 16 he has planned around the world to raise money for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. “That was maybe the best trail running loop I ever did, this place is so beautiful,” he said.

If you’d like to congratulate him by donating $16 to his fundraising efforts go to: https://www.gofundme.com/desantis16in2016.

I had another great experience in Malta, and was happy to see all these new young and fast athletes. Thanks Nathan, Deidre, Antonello, Ruben… and all the Hellfire crew, who doubled their entries this year!

Next stop in Europe: Greece!

Elite Results:

Pro Men
Pl Name Time Points
1 Roger Serrano, ESP 2:16:44 75
2 Jens Roth, GER 2:17:48 67
3 Pierre-Antoine Guilhem, FRA 2:22:29 61
4 Maxim Chane, FRA 2:23:20 56
5 Peter Lehmann, GER 2:24:35 51
6 Fabrizio Bartoli, ITA 2:25:04 47
7 Brice Daubord, FRA 2:28:09 43
8 Dominik Wychera, AUT 2:28:41 39
9 Hannes Wolpert, GER 2:28:56 36
10 Fabien Combaluzier, FRA 2:29:15 33
Also: Cedric Lassonde (30), Christophe Betard (27), Markus Benesch (25)
Pro Women
Pl Name Time Points
1 Brigitta Poor, HUN 2:40:15 75
2 Morgane Riou, FRA 2:44:21 67
3 Sandra Koblemueller, AUT 2:46:51 61
4 Maud Golsteyn, NED 2:48:12 56
5 Alena Stevens, SVK 2:50:55 51
6 Diane Lee, GBR 2:59:14 47
7 Kristina Nec Lapinova, SVK 2:59:45 43
8 Danica Spiteri, MLT 3:00:17 39



06 ABR2016

Entrevistamos a Roger Serrano tras conquistar la isla de Malta en la primera parada del circuito Xterra el pasado fin de semana. Nos habla de su relación con los patrocinadores, su trabajo detrás de esas marcas, objetivos para esta temporada y como no! de cervezas!


Además nos comenta que este año tendremos nuevas entregas de “Roger That” con un nuevo enfoque, algo que los frikis del contenido multimedia como yo agradecemos y esperamos con ganas.

Sin más dilación, os dejamos con la entrevista:

Campeón del mundo XTERRA Sub23, el año pasado campeón de Europa XTERRA, este año en la primera, te llevas Malta (donde el año pasado quedaste segundo), ¿promete ser 2016 un año de celebraciones otra vez? ¿Habrá “Roger That” para seguirlo?

Sinceramente, no lo creo. Se qué nivel tengo y sobretodo el de mis compañeros. Tengo que comer mucha sopa aún! Puede que algún que otro Xterra caiga durante la temporada, pero quien sabe. El tiempo lo dirá!
Puede que haya un par de capítulos del ROGER THAT que conocéis, pero este año la mayoría van a ser vídeos algo diferentes. Solo yo y la cámara. Algo más cercano y menos profesional, pero creo que tendrán un punto diferente que le va a dar algo de rollo al tema. Pronto sacare el primero de Malta. Veremos!!!

¿Qué te planteas como objetivo principal del año?

Ninguno. Seguir entrenando, aprendiendo, viajando y disfrutando.

Hemos visto que este año renuevas con Orca, y además se te ha sumado a las filas MyProtein, desde fuera parecerá que ser triatleta profesional es un sueño dorado, aunque muchas veces se puede criticar el “venderse” a tal o cual marca. ¿Ser imagen de una marca puede ser más duro que el propio entrenamiento? ¿Qué relación tienes con los patrocinadores? ¿Puedes contarnos un poco a los globeros de a pie qué tal se lleva el día a día?

Ser la imagen de una marca no es duro siempre y cuándo tu no tengas que crear todo el contenido multimedia que se relaciona contigo. No es que sea difícil crear ese contenido, pero si lleva un tiempo que últimamente está aumentando demasiado…malta_swim

Los que critican que nos vendemos a las marcas son simplemente unos desentendidos. ¿Desde cuándo un ATLETA PROFESIONAL no debe aceptar un contrato de publicidad razonable? (No estoy hablando de pseudo-atletas) ¿Alguien critica que la web de pornografía más grande del mundo patrocine a un equipo de ciclismo de ruta, descenso y xc? Pues eso…

Mi relación con los patrocinadores es única y diferente con cada uno de ellos. Hay con los que solo tengo una relación de colaboración material, otros de relación solo económica, otros ambas y otras realmente no se lo que tengo porque los contratos que tenemos los triatletas de segunda son tan irrisorios que cuándo uno es objetivo y se los lee, lo único que puede hacer es reírse y tomarse una cervecita.

Tanto en ORCA como en MYPROTEIN soy solo una hormiguita comparado con la gente que tienen. Por ejemplo en Orca están deportistas como Kienle y Non, y en MYP hay gente realmente famosa aunque en otras disciplinas deportivas. Ojalá todo siga igual y paso a paso me vaya abriendo camino gracias a mis resultados y mi imagen. Quien sabe, puede que algún día tenga hasta un programa de televisión!

Volviendo al tema de Malta, en el equipo de Planeta Triatlón se preguntan si te tomaste la cerveza del podio…para que veas que soy de fiar, mi pregunta es: ¿Cuántas le siguieron?

Después de la carrera y hasta que nos fuimos al apartamento fueron unas 5 pintas y 3 cañas. Piensa que la carrera terminó a las 11’45 y los premios se dieron a las 16’00. Nos dieron de comer y todo.
Puede dar fe de ello el barman, que era Gallego. Muy buen tipo, ya le conoceréis en el vídeo!


Venga, como bonustrack, ¿Habrá caballito en el Vivero?

Las duda ofende. Habrá dos, uno por vuelta.

Dicho queda pues, que tendremos Roger en el Bilbao Triathlon, tendremos Roger en el Vivero, y tendremos Roger haciendo caballitos. Desde Planeta Triatlón le deseamos suerte con los Xterra que “puedan caer” y esperamos con ganas ese primer vídeo sobre su viaje a Malta y los que estén por venir.


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