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SpeedX la bici de carbòn inteligente , patrocinala!


Eres muy grande Francisco Martín Díaz hoy ha sido un día especial para los que te queremos. Como tu jefe de prensa que soy, te mando la nota de prensa.
El alcalde del excelentísimo ayuntamiento de Elche, Don Carlos González Serna y el concejal de deportes, Don Jesús Pareja han recibido al atleta internacional y vecino de El Altet, Francisco Martín Díaz, quien el pasado 31 de Marzo consiguió la medalla de plata en el campeonato de Europa de veteranos celebrado en la ciudad italiana de Ancona en la modalidad 3 Km marcha M40 pista cubierta.El marchador Altetano logró de este modo su décimo segunda presea internacional, ya que en su trayectoria de más de 25 años en la élite, destaca 1 campeonato mundial, 2 de Europa y hasta 6 subcampeonatos internacionales más. A nivel nacional ha sido campeón en la práctica totalidad de las distancias de la disciplina de marcha atlética, siendo a día de hoy todavía recordman nacional de 3 Km pista cubierta y logrando la mínima olímpica en los 50 km en ruta . Al acto acudió un considerable número de asistentes, destacando personalidades de distintos ámbitos y vecinos de El Altet donde capitanea la sección de atletismo del club de la pedanía con una escuela de más de 60 niños atletas. El alcalde ha querido reconocer y agradecer en un acto público los méritos de Paco Martín durante toda su carrera y en su locución destacó los valores que transmite a los más pequeños. El atleta se mostró emocionado y agradeció el apoyo de las instituciones, patrocinadores, clubes y amigos que le acompañaban durante el acto.



SpeedX Leopard | the first ever smart aero road bike

San Jose, CA
SpeedX Leopard is the only smart aero road bike with the ability to help you train and track your progress in real time.

Undistracted Pleasure. This is what SpeedX Leopard is all about. Riding is an activity that touches people’s mind. Riders want to be integrated with the bike, in each own rhythm, in fluency, without distraction. Leopard is ready to give the rider the ultimate road experience.Built with aesthetics and performance in mind.The Leopard will surpass your every riding need: whether for intense training and competition or a Sunday spin with friends, it offers unparalleled comfort and enjoyment.

Everything that the Smart Control replaces; lights, gps & cycling computer.
More than a year ago we set ourselves an incredible mission. We wanted to combine carbon fiber and technology in a bike in an aerodynamic way like never done before. After 1560 sketches, 12 different prototypes and one year of our time we present you: The SpeedX Leopard.Imagine a bike with a brain – taking care of everything except the cycling. That’s just what we made SpeedX Smart Control to do. It records your ride data and provides you with professional analysis in real-time with its built-in 2.4” inch screen. We designed XCoach specifically to prepare professional training courses – with interesting tasks and challenges, as well as global ranking tables.

Connect with SpeedX Smart Control with any ANT+ compatible device. Our bike has built-in sensors, we measure your performance based on the following 12 points:

With our innovative low-power GPS system our Smart Control can track and record your data for up to 800km or 40 hours. It only takes up to 30 minutes for a full charge. Together with FIBERTEK®, we developed proprietary methods and technologies to stack the T1000 military-grade carbon fiber. Every bike frame stacks 207 folded layers, which ultimately leads to a phenomenally light 1.2kg frame. It weighs in at a mere half of a normal bike, thanks to its carbon-fiber frame, front fork, and seat post.

We knew the SpeedX frame just had to use single-piece technology for better stress distribution performance. Our efforts were rewarded with front-fork comfort that beats many of the world’s leading bike frames.We subject a new bike to nearly 300 production and testing processes, including stiffness testing on key frame parts to ensure the bike’s stiffness.We’ve improved both aesthetics and performance by cleverly hiding the brake cables in the front fork, reducing air resistance and maximising style.SpeedX is the third bicycle brand in the world to achieve full-integrated wiring. The other two bicycles with full-integrated wiring cost considerably more - $5999 (TREK Madone 9.2) and $8200 (Specialized Venge Pro ViAS).After more than eight months of prototyping the brakes, we found that the most aerodynamic way is putting the brakes behind the front fork.

We’ve hidden the brake behind the front fork, making it look more aerodynamic than ever.

We partnered together with global strategy and design firm frog to give Leopard a stylish, simple and daring look.The Leopard boasts a simple, sleek look, matched only by the excellence of its riding experience. We thought long and hard about our choice of a race-ready SHIMANO 105 drivetrain, TRP fully internal brakes and a T1000 carbon fiber frame, front fork and seatpost.The Leopard will surpass your every riding need: whether for intense training and competition or a Sunday spin with friends, it offers unparalleled comfort and enjoyment.

We believe in our bike and you should too. We offer lifetime replacement warranty for the bikeframe. Ride in more comfort knowing that we that we have your back!Every SpeedX customer enjoys a 7 days-no-questions-asked return and 30 days free exchange. Ride in even more comfort knowing that the SpeedX comes with a lifetime frame replacement guarantee. We’ve created a unique Smart Bike Fitting System to provide every rider with the best possible bike-fit. Just take a photo and upload it – the Smart Bike Fitting System will do the rest for you, automatically selecting the most suitable model, frame, handle bars and stem. Everything can be handled by the SpeedX Smart Bike Fitting System – no more worrying about which size is right for you.

Need more power? Our Leopard Pro is designed to give the amateur riders the ultimate road experience.

Shimano Ultegra Di2
Carbon Fiber aero wheels
Carbon Fiber handle bar
fi'zi:k R7 Road Saddle
Total Weight 7.9kg
Carbon Front wheel Carbon Fiber handle bar Fizik R7 Road Saddle Total Weight 7.9kg

Our team of more than 50 people from all different backgrounds have one thing in common: we love cycling.

SpeedX is setting out to become a global smart-sport brand through design and first-class technology. It is SpeedX goal to offer all customers a brand new way of performing sports. Through the advanced technology of combining hardware and software, SpeedX is transforming the old way of riding a bicycle to a new and modern activity.

Riesgos y desafíos

The current design for SpeedX Leopard have been finalized and the initial prototype has been built. We’ve already laid out our future production plan and already talked about this with our partner in manufacturing in China. During designing the initial prototype, we already spent some months working together with our partners.

In all matters we will always keep an open communication to our backers and update you frequently.

Más información sobre el concepto de responsabilidad en Kickstarter


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