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Felt Nine FRD 29 " sub 9kgs / Zapfina /BKR MTB Wooden Frame

Video: The Angry Singlespeeder rode this bike in a full-on all mountain trail with some pro riders. Nobody got hurt.

Video: Eddie MacDonald talks about the Felt Nine FRD frame

Review: Felt Nine FRD – Ultimate Carbon Hardtail 29er

By Francis Cebedo June 11, 2013 29ER PRO REVIEWS

Are you ready for some bike porn? We’ve received many dream bikes in our test garage but this latest one from Felt is a showstopper. It is a Felt Nine FRD 29er hardtail frame built up with the finest components available, mostly from Enve and Shimano XTR. The result is an ultimate racing rig that weighs in at 19.8 lbs with pedals.

We will let the photos speak for themselves but it looks like a stealth bike with understated opulence. There’s no loud colors but the bike will draw you in for a closer look at every opportunity. This setup is sold as frame-only in the FRD model and it retails for $2899. But the beauty of this system is there’s a lot of trickle-down options as there are several options on the Felt Nine series. The Nine series ranges from the aluminum frame Nine 60 at $1029 to the carbon Nine 1 at $5169. Check for the full range of Felt Nine hardtail bikes.

The FRD Frame

Let’s talk a little bit about the frame as it is quite an achievement. Using an advanced material called TeXtreme, Felt was able to achieve a weight of 900 grams which is a hair under 2 lbs. And this comes with no compromise on stiffness or durability. During our test, we hammered on climbs and this bike accelerated up like no other. On sprints, power transfer was immediate as the massive bottom bracket minimized any power lost to frame flex. We also threw it down some drops and took a few rock hits on the down tube. The bike was not bothered at all.


Bicicleta Zapfina | JiaLing Hu
por Esteban Ravanal, el 17 de June de 2013 | 3:20 pm , bajo Diseño

A primera vista, este concepto bicicleta salvaje creado por JiaLing Hu se parece más a una escultura … tal vez incluso algo de la exposición Body Worlds! A partir de nuestra propia anatomía, Zapfina se inspira en la relación entre los huesos, ligamentos y músculos, traduciendo su conexión con un ajuste lenguaje de diseño de 2 ruedas. El marco en forma de Z se formó como una articulación para amortiguar los golpes y protege los componentes móviles, como la cadena y engranajes. Todo lo que necesita es un poco de músculo humano!


At a glance, this wild bike concept looks more like a sculpture… maybe even something out of the Body Worlds Exhibit! Drawing from our very own anatomy, Zapfina takes inspiration from the relationship between bones, ligaments, and muscles, translating their connection to a design language fit for 2-wheels. The Z shaped frame was formed like a joint to absorb shock and protect moving components like the chain and gears. All it needs is a little human muscle!

Designer: JiaLing Hu


BKR Concept Bicycle with Wooden Frame

Pietro Russomanno designed the concept bicycle called the BKR. The bike consists of wooden parts and wooden frame and wooden parts. The reason why wood has been used is because it has three properties that occur naturally – elasticity, malleability and sustainability. The skeleton of the mainframe has a plywood construction and has inert rubber gaskets that are sandwiched for creating a beautiful effect. The Easy Saddle of the BKR allows the rider to easily change the saddle height by pushing a single button. The front wheel has a dynamo that is design especially to send distance/speed trip info to the handlebars’ integrated smartphone dock. The BKR actually looks very elegant and is eco-friendly!

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