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pack your bike for travel

DHB-21 Step Guide to Pack Your Mountain Bike for Travel in 21 Minutes.

Weve been amazed by both how often people ask us for advice on packing bikes into bags, and how little advice there is available on the world wide interweb thingummy about how to do it properly. Actually weve also been pretty appalled by some of the packed bikes which we have seen being hauled out of bike bags; either in a throughly unloved and lousy, or OTT 2 tonne marshmallow, state of packing! The idea of this guide is to help you get the right balance between just enough packing to stop anything getting damaged and not using so much that the check-in attendants rub their hands together gleefully whilst ££ signs appear in their greedy, dead eys....we love excess baggage fees as you can tell! With this guide youll hopefully be able to avoid them!
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Welcome to Singletrack Safari

Singletrack Safari is a revolutionary new and unique concept in mountain biking holidays. Rather than simply offering riding in a single location, our highlights-style holidays deliver you, on a daily basis, to the doorstep of the most incredible singletrack in a choice of countries around Europe, and within the UK. Whether you prefer to ride XC or Downhill, you will have the trip of a lifetime!


How to pack a bike bike box with bikebox alan

How to pack your bike box. Bike box alan shows you how to load your bike in to one of his bike cases in this informative instruction produced by bike box video. Pack/load your racing bike, mountain bike into a bikeboxalan bike case.


How To Pack A Bike Box Like A Pro

Transport your bike safely and securely with our guide on how to pack a bike box.
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If you're taking cycling holiday abroad and putting your bike on a plane to get there, this guide is for you. You'll need a few tools:

Allen Keys
Pedal spanner
Drop out protectors

And of course a bike box! Daniel Lloyd gives you his top tips on making sure your bike is transported safely, and reminds us never to put our shoes in the bike box!


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