viernes, junio 14, 2013

VANMOOF 10 Electrified bike

VANMOOF 10 Electrified bike has GPS tracking and smart power systems

In its mission to "shake the unshakeable," Dutch bike manufacturer VANMOOF has created what it calls the world's first intelligent commuter bike. The VANMOOF 10 Electrified combines GPS navigation, smart power control, and electric motivation underpinned by a lightweight battery pack.
Aimed squarely at urban commuters, the 10 Electrified uses what VANMOOF calls "smart power assistance" technology. With the help of a crank-mounted sensor, the onboard computer system measures the rider's pedaling output and seamlessly adjusts motor output accordingly. The system is designed to deliver just the right amount of motor assistance. The front wheel-mounted 250-watt motor can add up to 80 percent to the cyclist's own pedaling power. The bike can be ridden with or without motor assistance.
The Electrified is rider-controlled with a combination of a small dashboard interface on the front of the top tube and a remote control. The owner can turn the bike on and off with the remote control and view battery life and motor power on the dashboard.
The VANMOOF 10 Electrified uses a simple dashboard for control and information display
Other interesting features of this fully-wired bike include a GPS tracking system and built-in Philips lighting system. The anti-theft GPS tracking feature works similarly to standalone tracking systems like the BikeSpike, letting the owner find and recover a stolen bike. Along with the battery, the lighting system is integrated into the top tube, which employs extended ends that house front and rear lights. The system uses LED lights and puts out 40 lux up front.
VANMOOF's power system is integrated into an aluminum-framed bike that weighs 42 lb (19 kg). The bike uses a SRAM drivetrain with enclosed anti-rust chain and front and rear mechanical disc brakes. The 209-Wh Panasonic battery provides between 19 and 37 miles (30 and 60 km) of power, depending upon mode, rider weight and conditions, and takes three hours to charge from empty.
VANMOOF is still developing the Electrified with plans to release a limited-run first edition in November. Early adopters can pre-order the bike for the "pioneer preferential rate" of US$2,598. Only 200 first editions will be built and the pioneers buying them are being recruited to provide feedback and engage with the product development team. Regular sales are scheduled to begin next April.

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