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eurobike dìa 3/Cervelo S3
The Swift Neurogen is featured here with some prototype storage units. The front one hold water and the rear one other stuff.


FOCUS at the Eurobike 2013


The Cervelo S3 is back indeed new

Written by: Herbert Krabel
Added: Thu Aug 29 2013

After about a 2-year absence from the Cervelo lineup the S3 is back for 2014 - more aero, stiffer and at the same weight. The TrueAero tube set technology trickled down from the S5 and the top tube and chainstay shapes came from the Rca. The tapered steerer tube of the new fork is 1 3/8" at the bottom and according to Damon Rinard there is no aerodynamic penalty because it is aero matched to the brake. Cervelo learned that through AeroZone engineering analysis which recognizes that the flow is different in different zones depending on bodies upstream.

The 2014 Cervelo S3 makes a very good first impression.

The oversized head tube and fork junction is helping with the 23 percent torsion stiffness improvement. The new fork allows 25mm tires.

A look at the TrueAero downtube that constantly changes shape as you move from the head tube to the bottom bracket.

The seat tube on the 2014 S3 now features a cutout.

Shimano Ultegra brakes front and back on this edition.

The Cervelo S3 features Shimano Ultegra controls.

It is now surprise to see 3T bars and stem on this bike.

Depending on what group is used, these cable ports can be exchanged.

The S3 comes with Rotor 3D cranks.

A look at the S3 down tube from below.

When you look from above you see that it is quite wide where the bottle sits.

When looking underneath the massive size difference of the chainstays is apparent.

The cable port below also easily pops to be swapped out depending on the group chosen.

Shimano Ultegra derailleurs front and back.

Mavic Cosmic Elite wheels are laced with Vittorio Diamante Pro Light 23mm tires.

We will add MSRP and delivery dates tomorrow.

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