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Jerome Clementz Wins Enduro World Series

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Jerome Clementz and Tracy Moseley Lead EWS Val d'Isere After Day 1

The Enduro World Series has pulled into Val d'Isere for the 6th stop of the 2013 season. The 2-day event which runs in parallel with the Enduro Des Nations (where riders represent their country as well as racing individually) once again looked to provide riders with a new challenge. High Alpine terrain with a lot of the racing taking place outside built trails means that anything could happen once the racing begins - and day 1 proved the point with heavy storms and lots of leaderboard shuffling.
Jared Graves set out strong and was once again setting the pace on stages 1 and 2 - he would however lose 44 seconds to Jerome Clementz on stage 3 to loose the overall lead going into day 2. Of note: Justin Leov suffered a puncture and lost 8 minutes. Marton Maes not only put the hurt on the juniors, he has been within mere seconds off the leaders on each of the 3 stages, and sits in 4th overall - very impressive from the junior!
In the women's, Anne-Caro Chausson held the lead after 2 stages only to relinquish it to Tracy Moseley after stage 3 - but there's only a few seconds in it, and anything could happen on day 2.
Check out the standings below and stay tuned for slideshow action from Val d'Isere shortly!

Overall Standings Day 1 (full results)



Jerome Clementz has made mountain bike history by clinching the overall Enduro World Series Championship with his win at round 6 in Val d'Isere. He piloted his Jekyll to a hard fought win over Jared Graves and Fabien Baren. A huge congratulations to Jerome for this massive achievement and also to all of the competitors who battled throughout the season.

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