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GoCycle G2L 2013 2 799,00 €

It’s the bike from the future that you can buy today

It may resemble a two-wheeled relative of the Sinclair C5 at first glance, but the Gocycle is actually the brainchild of an ex-McLaren F1 designer. Its sleek appearance looks every inch the futuristic transport solution. At 15.6kg, it’s also the lightest bike here.While it took a few minutes to fully assemble, we were pleased with the simplicity of putting it together, particularly the easily removable Pitstop wheels, which snap back into place with minimum fuss. While we wouldn’t class the Gocycle as a folding bike, being able to break it down for storage, charging or transport is a handy feature.

Once out on the streets, the bike handled like a charm. It’s blessed with standard bike dimensions; the wheels are slightly smaller, but not BMX-like, and it delivers a comfortable ride, with a tight turning circle that makes it adept in traffi c. Fat tyres and rear suspension make rough-surface travelling bearable.

The front-wheel drive motor pulls you along with 250W, ably assisting your pedalling, while the additional boost button takes you to max speed in seconds.Pushing the button on the right-hand side of the handlebars easily shifts you through the three gears. A double tap takes you back down again, or the bike automatically shifts when you lose speed. The engine has four ride modes with varying degrees of assistance, torque, cruising speed and battery economy, although you can expect a maximum of 40 miles from a full charge. Engine modes can be adjusted using the console on the handlebars, or you can use the free iOS and Android app that links to the bike via Bluetooth.
You can also choose to exceed the 15mph limit with the help of the app – all other bikes on test need to be jailbroken to do this. Cutting-edge features and a comfortable ride. Shockingly good. LOVE Futuristic looks. Very smooth ride and excellent
handling. The lightest e-bike currently on the market HATE Lacks a speedometer. The battery cannot be removed for charging. No lights included T3 SAYS Assured handling, advanced features and alluring looks. A top urban runaround

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